Saturday, 26 September 2009

In the Air Tonight

Pictured left is an interesting initiative from Margate Mayor Ted Watt-Ruffell this evening. Several Christians have suggested to me that it is inappropriate for Council premises to be used for events with links to the occult and Satanism. I do not share their concerns. I think it is positive that committed Christian Ted is opening up Council premises to those with differing beliefs and I hope that other faith groups will have the same opportunities provided.

I am sceptical about mediums. However, I wonder if they will be able to assist with an unsolved local crime? Earlier in the year allegations were made that a Thanet councillor who was the worse for wear was abusive to a doorman at a Margate licensed establishment. When denied entry they demanded as to whether the doorman knew how important they were.

What concerns me was the way Thanet Conservative Council Leader Sandy Ezekiel investigated these serious matters. He contacted the establishment’s owners and asked them to review the evidence of the incident and assured them it was not the case that a Conservative councillor could have behaved in the alleged manner. This resulted in a letter which cleared the alleged councillor. My concern is the selective approach the Thanet Conservative administration take to anti-social behaviour.

As I understand there were CCTV pictures and a film of the alleged perpetrator why was this not published on the internet in a Thanet version of Criewatch? I know from members of my family who have worked in licensed establishments in Margate that they want a zero tolerance approach to any anti-social behaviour. They share knowledge and want to expose anybody who misbehaves.

In my view Cllr. Ezekiel should have done all in his efforts to have the available evidence circulated as widely as possible. This would have served two purposes. Firstly, it would have given an opportunity for the miscreant to be identified, charged if necessary and to be banned from licensed premises. Secondly, it would have meant that the alleged councillor could clearly be shown to have NOT been the individual involved in the incident.

I think it is most unfortunate that Cllr. Ezekiel did not take the opportunity to try and tackle this incident of anti-social behaviour vigorously. Perhaps someone in the audience tonight will be able to ask the medium to look into the past and identify the individual to clear up this matter.


  1. As a Christian, I find it strange that The Mayor of Margate, described by Sandy Ezekiel as a teetotal strict Methodist, should lend his support in such an extraordinarily positive way as to make a personal invite in his official capacity as mayor to a psychic session with mediums etc! Could it be that Mayor Watt-Ruffell is not actually the strict teetotal methodist that Ezekiel claims him to be? Surely not?

  2. Surely the really troubling things are council members seeing themselves not as our servants but our very "important" masters and apparently being incapable of bad behaviour.

  3. all i can say is panama hat, erm laughing at thanet people ? who will stop these people ? erm nobody.................