Thursday, 24 September 2009

Haine Road Traffic Calming to Start, Traffic Jams whilst work takes place

I am pleased that the campaigning I have been doing along with Liz Green and Alan Poole to improve Haine Road is finally going to bear fruit.

Pictured are local residents explaining the speeding problems they face on a daily basis to Thom Morris from the Isle of Thanet Gazette in July.

Work is scheduled to start on Monday 12th October. The works will involve the installation of 12 sets (2 cushions per set) of traffic calming speed cushions, 75mm in height, evenly spaced over the length of the 30mph speed restriction between the Toby Inn roundabout, and the roundabout at the Spratling Street junction with the A256. Traffic signing and associated white lining will also be installed.

The aim of the traffic calming scheme is to help reduce traffic speeds on the Old Haine Road and to get more traffic to use the New Haine Road.

Parts of the Old Haine Road will be closed for up to 5 weeks in 3 separate phases whilst the work takes place although residents will still be able to access their properties. The works are programmed to commence on Monday 12th October 2009 with a maximum duration of 5 weeks although it is hoped the works will be completed much sooner.

If you have any problems with the roadworks you can call Kent Highway Services on 01304 242326

I hope the work is successful and that Old Haine Road residents get the improved quality of life they deserve.


  1. The road was busy even before Westwood Cross moved in so why would anyone want to buy a house there or on any road like it confounds me.

  2. I've never understood why anyone would want to live on a housing estate or in a block of flats or near a school or football stadium but plenty of people do.

  3. What really 'confounds' me is why someone with such views on Old Haine Road would post an anonymous comment. Is this person ashamed of themselves for the comment? Do they realise that not everybody is in a position to choose where they live in the current economical climate. Many people have no choice. Put your name to views like that.. have a bit of backbone.. !