Friday, 11 September 2009

For the Few, Not the Many

With David Cameron adding yet another Old Etonian to the Shadow Cabinet - the Baronet Sir George Young - this Daily Mail cutting seems appropriate as it features at number one on the left George Osborne. Yesterday he made a speech on best practice by Conservative run local authorities. Unsurprisingly, he decided not to mention Thanet District Council as a top Tory run authority.

He did however, say this about Kent County Council:

"Kent County council has massively reduced their transactional costs by leading the way in E-government."

No evidence, just an assertion probably found for him by a researcher. Part of this is the Kent TV initiative and highlighted last month how this included money to fly people across the Atlantic to make videos about folk festivals. Not what I see as a core activity for a local authority.

Steve Ladyman MP said:

"George Osborne praised Kent County Council E-government yesterday,claiming that Kent people have got more for less. But when the Tories say more for less they mean more for the wealthiest few but less for the many. Kent Tories’ put the most vulnerable at risk by charging the elderly more for their care and used the extra money they raised to fund their £600,000 Kent TV e-project. Despite Cameron’s claims to have changed the Conservative Party, local Tory politicians pursue the same agenda which they always have done.”

I know which I want from a local authority, affordable care for our elderly and vulnerable members of our community. Especially poignant when we are marking 70 years since the outbreak of the Second World War and all that generation gave to us.

Not a TV station which could be run for free on Youtube.


  1. Nothing wrong with kent tv maybe the local Labour group would like to run it?

  2. Mark, are you saying that someone should not get a job if they go to a specific school? even if they have the skills needed?.

  3. Don I think the money could be better spent elsewhere, or cut off our council tax bills.

    No Ken, but don't you agree it is wrong to appoint people because they are your mates/peer group rather than the best qualified?

  4. Yes, why should someone get a position of power just because he/she went to the 'right school' or university? It should be the right person for the job not just someone with 'connections'.

    I thought the Conservative Party was trying to be more inclusive but David Cameron seems to think his old chums from school and college are the right people to promote.

    It's the old story, I'm afraid. Money and power go hand in hand.

  5. If a butcher or a carpenter employed a family member or friend then no-one would say anything about it...