Sunday, 16 August 2009


I'm a member of Wildwood Britain's best wildlife park. It is the sort of green tourism that should be benefitting from staycationing and when I went recently the numbers attending were very healthy. I like the educational aspect to their work so there is always a feeding session or a talk available.
I caught few interesting pictures (click on them to enlarge). A fox at feeding time and some kids having fun!

My favourite is probably the sunbathing badgeress.

Set between Herne Bay and Canterbury the site is part of the Blean Woods. After visiting I went on to the Hare and Hounds which is at the bottom of the hill in Blean.

This was one of the best meals I have had in a long time, excellent flexible service and superb food. It was an Italian restauarant and deserves a visit now it is back as a pub tending slightly to gastropub. Other friends have recommended it. My guests had had fish and chips at my favourite Peter's Fish Factory in Ramsgate, but said the fish and chips here was even better. Dover sole and a tomato risotto were similarly classy.
Do pop outside and see the fig trees and the peach trees laden with fruit. I missed the beer festival but will diarise it for next year. The wine is fine too.


  1. "The wine is fine too".

    Since when did labour politicos drink wine? I'm not surprised you're struggling with the grass roots. Drink beer, it's more democratic.

  2. I like wine nuffink wrong wiv a bottle or two ov a nice red

  3. All very well lauding the quality of the food councillor, but make the most of it. It was reported only last week that the Government is afraid that the security of our food supply is threatened by the paucity of produce grown here, and our reliance on imports. Yet what has the Government done for the farmers you might care to answer? What has it done to encourage not just the viability of businesses on the land, but to encourage new businesses there? What has it ever done, despite promises made by Tony Blair before the 1997 election, to extricate the UK from the Common Agricultural Policy, which militates against the efficiency of our farmers in subsidising the inefficiency of so many abroad, where in some countries agriculture has become a branch of the welfare state?

    The inability of the Labour government to look and plan ahead in this and many other examples is just typical of their incompetence.

  4. They should turn golf courses into farmland. If they're unsuitable for crops then they could at least be used for grazing.

  5. Perhaps anonymous 12.56 will support those of us who oppose Thanet District Council's attempts to turn prime farmland into buildings and reduce our capability to produce food. Phases 2 and 3 of China Gateway that haven't, thankfully, yet come before TDC's Planning department would see 100 acres of the most versatile farmland in England turned over to warehouses. Likewise a well-known caravan park wants to put 51 static carvans on agricultural land to enlarge its site.

    Will you join us and save our Thanet countryside for future generations?

  6. I might join you if I knew who you were anon 14:20...

    I'm certainly up for ploughing golf courses though, they take up far too much land for the enjoyment of so few.

  7. Nice one Don! Cider's my first drink of choice...that's the people's drink in Hereford where I was brought up.
    Anon 12.56 farmers have done well in part because of the CAP. It has been reduced but not enough. I don't think you understand the problem. The major issue is food waste, it is a major problem for bin collection there is not enough compostinga nd using all parts of the vegetable. For example how many people use beetroot leaves in salads and soups?
    Anon 14.20 can't agree with that, there are lots of simple things to be done yet. For example whenever the Council plants new trees they should be fruit trees so that in future there will be free produce. Similarly shrubs should be blackberries, rosehips, buckthorn etc so there is produce as well as ground coverage. It also sets an example.
    Anon 15.52 I supported China Gateway expansion but would not want to see more static caravans in Thanet.
    Interesting comments probably worthy of a blogpost to discuss this subject more, thanks for all of them.

  8. I've always thought you are fruit-cake Mark, and now your "whenever the Council plants new trees they should be fruit trees so that in future there will be free produce" proves it.

    If the council ever planted fruit trees they would charge for the fruit not give it away. Get real!

  9. But could you please shoot the foxes, they are vermin