Friday, 21 August 2009


Other local blogs are questioning why I took a post down, so here’s why. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that a senior local Conservative recently approached one of my colleagues wanting to address the situation between myself and fellow Cllr. Simon Moores. What was refreshing was the commencement of the discussion by acknowledging that a considerable part of the problem lay with Simon Moores. They did not consider me to be innocent either of course!

Wanting to go forward in these situations is always difficult and sensitive. I have negotiated on things in many ways in the past having spent over a decade as a shop steward and in various other trade union posts. When one receives an unexpected, but pleasant proposition it is important to welcome such initiatives and to back up talk with action. So I wrote
“I was pleased to hear of your desire to improve matters in relation to local councillor blogs. I am keen that this should be the case. In order to demonstrate my sincerity, I have deleted my last post. I am open to suggestions on any other of my posts. This will cause me considerable difficulty in the "blogosphere" but I do it to demonstrate my goodwill as actions speak louder than words. I wish you every success in your endeavours, and thank you for your efforts.”
And anyone reading the local blogs will note the speculation that has ensued. I had been asked to amend that post and had already done so, but by removing it, it showed that I am prepared to try and reach an accommodation. I did not ask for anything in return for doing this, it was an unilateral action, what could be described as a “confidence building measure”.

Simon Moores does not want to try and improve matters I understand, seeing nothing he could do to help things become better.

Let me give you just a couple of examples where Simon might want to reflect. The image above he has used when posting about myself. It is one of the Chinese Communist Party. Several of my friends and some local Conservatives have commented about how offensive and inappropriate it is. This is an organisation that has systematically squashed human rights, killed 20-30 million people in the Great Famine, murdered thousands in Tiananmen Square, continues to occupy Tibet and prevents the Dalai Lama from returning.
It also demeans the efforts of those striving for human rights in China for such an image to be used in such inappropriate and petty circumstances in the great scheme of things.
Now I find Simon’s views to be draconian and authoritarian. However, I would never juxtapose a post on him with an image depicting the Third Reich.
Look at the comments on the same post and I have to point out
"On parking not for the first time you decide not to link to my post in order to misrepresent it."
I always link when quoting from Simon so my readers can click and make up their own minds on my posts. Simon rarely links to me when ascribing views to me. This allows him to misrepresent at best, or totally distort at worst. Does he really think he can fool his readers and that this is a proper way to blog?
It is manipulative and discourteous. This from a man who claims that he has "a public duty to be both courteous and responsible."
Now I could go on, and I am sure Simon has some things he would like to say to me, but for now that's why I took down a post and why I am holding on further significant posts.

Hopefully this clears up the speculation, and perhaps some other readers will be able to persuade Simon to address some of the very serious errors of judgment which appear on his blog. Better still they might be able to persuade him to enter into a private dialogue rather than ignoring the requests of others, who can see that he like all of us is not perfect.


  1. but I believe simon, a he is better looking, b he is a conservative, and c, he turns up to council meetings dressed appropriately

  2. For me, all three points are a completely irrelevant but perhaps you are being ironic.

    You forgot he can fly a plane and has several degrees, apparently.

  3. Yep Anon 14:55 I can go along with that Conservatives are always better looking but Caroline Flint is always going to win on the beauty stakes and she could turn up dressed in anything she likes and she would win everytime now where were we Simon Templer and Marc Bolan I wonder what the out come of this clash of the Titans will be hmmmmmmmm

  4. Musashi say when you cannot perceive your enemy's disposition beat at his corners (widen your tactical attacks) do not let your enemy focus your efforts when you cannot perceive his disposition.

    But what could an old Samurai teach a modern day Labour man Mark ?

  5. haaaaaaaaaa soooooooooo Richard you velly wise man