Tuesday, 4 August 2009


On Sunday I visited the Bygone Days Historical Group event at Government Acre, Ramsgate. This was a troubled event following organisational problems. It was regrettable that Cllr. Mike Taylor did not attend Ramsgate Charter Trustees to explain the problems which resulted in Danish Vikings cancelling.
One of the problems with these events is in attracting enough volunteers. Ramsgate Carnival has suffered and Bygone Days Historical Group Ramsgate could also do with extra help. On the day Mike Taylor was here, there and everywhere.

The Danish cancellation meant there was a late substitution with the relatively small Colchester Historical Enactment Society (CHES) stepping in to play the part of the Saxons. Unfortunately, the victorious Vikings of Middle England were depleted as they had a conflicting engagement in Cornwall where some of their members were committed. The battle was downsized to a skirmish.
Those present were excellent sharing freely of their time and
knowledge. The reenactment was staged with full vigour and
role playing enthusiasm.

As a tourist attraction the numbers were disappointing. The vast majority in the crowd were locals. A pity as with reasonable weather more visitors would have been hoped for. The event continued with a solo woman performing gamely as a majorette, and then an Elvis impersonator who had the graveyard slot as people left. Thanks to all those who gave freely of their time.


  1. No other local groups able to do it ?

  2. Ramsgate Charter Trustees no longer exist Mark but apart from that I don't know why you are surprised that Bygone Days events are not very successful. Mike is not the only councillor in this town who overestimates his own abilities.

  3. Don none that I'm aware of. Anon 8.12 the money was granted by Ramsgate Charter Trustees, prior to them becoming Ramsgate Town Council. The Town Council needs in my view to take a strategic view of its budget and not just provide grants on a piecemeal basis. This grant in effect covered for the fact that Thanet Council failed to fund tourism properly in Ramsgate this summer. That's the bigger issue which is the elephant in the room. £30,000 on burlesque in Margate or £6,000 in Ramsgate on this reenactment? I'm clear TDC still do not understand the modern tourism market as I've blogged previously.

  4. the vikings put on a good show, the young king was brilliant untli he was murderd by the ugly ones

  5. i thought the re-enactors put on a fantastic show. their tented village looked great and i found them to be friendly, interesting and most informative when i spoke with them. The combat display they put on was very good, and a lot more "energetic" than a lot i`ve seen with bits of sheild flying everywhere.
    hopefully i will have the pleasure of seeing them in action again.