Monday, 17 August 2009


Simon Moores (pictured) today slammed his fellow Conservative councillors as lazy and incompetent. Having questioned my record in having only a daytime telephone number, he was disgusted to find out that his fellow Thanet District Conservative councillors were trying to avoid all telephone contact whatsoever.

Here are the councillors Simon Moores claims are in the wrong:

Cllr.Alasdair Bruce - click here
Cllr. Ewen Cameron - click here
Cllr. Jo Gideon - click here

Click on the links - all three of them have NO contact telephone number whatsoever for their constituents.

Simon Moores went on to say “None of them have a telephone number so their constituents can get in touch. I am known for my openness, consistency, modesty and utter lack of double standards. I thought a Labour councillor who gave an office number, and not a home number should resign. All these Conservative councillors are far worse, they are giving no telephone number. They should immediately resign.”

I know Simon Moores is utterly wrong on this. He is failing as a Cabinet member and does not have a clue what is going on in his portfolio of Customer Services and Business Transformation . I know from personal experience that Cllrs. Jo Gideon and Alasdair Bruce are contactable. Indeed both have been helpful colleagues to me on a number of matters. It is Simon Moores who is responsible for making their records look bad.

I know there are concerns about Cllr. Cameron’s performance and availability. He is a close associate of Cllr. Simon Moores and is his "Lead member" or Deputy. He must share with Simon Moores some of the responsibility for the mess.

Simon Moores is incompetent. He should resign. He is not up to his Cabinet job and is not earning his £13,100.

Tomorrow I will publish what is going on. I trust within 24 hours Simon Moores will investigate and publish on his blog an unreserved apology to the 3 councillors and myself. Can he find out about the mess? Or does an opposition backbencher have to do his job for him?

Simon Moores needs to come clean on his record and apologise for his previous mistakes too.

I will not be allowing comments on this post, but tomorrow do please comment when Simon Moores’ incompetence is revealed.

UPDATE 20.8.09
Simon Moores has asked for it to be made clear that he did not make the above statement. Simon often talks about the need for a bit of "tongue in cheek" humour in local politics, but has a sense of humour failure when it refers to him. Nobody with any knowledge of Thanet politics or who read his blog would ever accuse Simon of modesty, as my post ironically does. Click here to his post about me. It is almost entirely false in its content, and even when advised of factual errors he has refused to amend his posts.

In the light of new evidence I have delayed publication of the promised post and I am checking and working through the new information before posting.

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