Saturday, 22 August 2009


On Friday I went to the Seaside SOS TV programme event combined with a fundraiser for Dave Green the Mayor of Ramsgate's charities at the Westcliff Leisure Park and Boating Pool. The old monkey house had been spruced up with the Mayor and his Deputy Ralph Hoult having done much of the setting up work. The weather was the worst of the week with glowering skies and the inevitable brief rainstorm sending everybody inside.

There was a stream of entertainers including the pictured man in black Ramsgate magician Colin Hoult performing tricks. There was a healthy turnout of local councillors and most of the East Kent mayors forming part of the usual "Chain gang".

Gadds brewery served up the drinks in excellent friendly fashion and my picture shows their stall at the end. Brenda Blethyn as she so often does, supported a hometown event. Duncan Bannatyne floated through and a series of talented local singers took the specially built stage in the middle of the boating pool.

Great to be able to see the bottom of the boating pool again with the water all clear, hopefully it will stay that way. What a superb setting we offer in Ramsgate with tourists having the chance to pedal around the pool whilst drinking in the views across Pegwell Bay and out into the English Channel.

The whole event was expertly co-ordinated by Ralph Hoult who as well as being present as Deputy Mayor of Ramsgate was also acting as Master of Ceremonies and my final picture (click on any of them to enlarge) shows him surveying all that is going on to ensure all went smoothly.

I'm looking forward to seeing the television programme when it is on.


  1. That magician, Colin Hoult, looks very like Ralph 'Mr Wamsgate' Hoult. Are they by any chance related?

    And I do trust the singers will return the specially built stage soon.

  2. Like father, like son

  3. Nice new home for the teeny tiny town council, very apt its a monkey house