Friday, 7 August 2009


I visited the reopened and extended Kent Wildlife Trust visitor centre at Reculver today. I have often cycled past but rarely stopped. The new building is excellent, sympathetically finished and with educational resources for children of all ages. There are plenty of fossils to handle, an exercise machine to measure your output and how many lights you could keep on, blow football to illustrate the wind turbines on the horizon, and many more ideas to challenge inquisitive minds.
Kent Wildlife Trust have produced a video to illustrate facilities. Click here to view it. they have also produced similar videos for two other haunts of mine, East Blean Woods and Pegwell Bay Country Park.

The Kent Wildlife Trust video was posted on Youtube on 13th July. Kent TV have produced a video on the reopening in the last month as well (with free added local politician). I wish that Kent TV would point people in the direction of other links like the one produced by Kent Wildlife Trust (thanks to them for letting me download their video). By default through small donation, and Council Tax I have partly paid towards the production of two films, and I would like them to complement each other as both are intended to promote green tourism.

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