Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Guest blogger Mariette Castellino is involved a number of community organisations in Margate and Cliftonville. Here she writes about a great initiative:

"The best of local food will be on offer in Margate Old Town on Saturday 29 August 11am – 4pm, as part of the Summer Markets organised by the Old Town Action Group.

The market begins outside Margate Visitors’ Information Centre running down Duke Street and into Market Place.

One of the organisers, Louise Oldfield, Vice Chair, told me “It would be great if the Markets were only the start of plans for bringing more high quality, local producers and suppliers to Margate Old Town.” There will be music in the piazza to accompany the market, and a lively event is promised for all.

Other stalls include

The Indian Princess – if you haven't yet eaten Dev’s food, come and see what all the fuss is about. They’ve been on BBC South East, and are about to be filmed as one of the best restaurants in Kent (if not THE best)!
Quex Barn – taste their succulent sausages, barbequed in front of you on the day. Local meat – what could be better?
Windmill Community Allotment Project – if you haven't yet bought “organic” fruit and veg at their Tuesday stall by the allotments (12-4pm), here’s your chance to taste what they and other allotment holders are growing in our local soil
O’er the Moon – for those of you with a sweet tooth, Simon sells scrummy sweets and fudge
Fairtrade – we’re now acknowledged as a Fairtrade Isle so buy your biscuits, and packs of teas and coffees here. Let’s send a supportive message to those who are feeling the credit crunch even more than we are!
Benedictine Monks at Ramsgate – sample their own honey, and make yourself and your house beautiful with their Organic Beeswax lip balms, hand & skin creams and Beeswax polish
The Market Garden – to feed your soul … The Chelsea Flower Show has arrived in Margate! Beautiful and high quality garden plants. Rose specialist.
German Sausage Man – one of our new local businesses, bringing you genuine, hearty German sausages, schnitzel and sauerkraut
Paul Hollywood Breads – who are supplying Harrods & Waitrose, so why not stock up on their speciality breads?
Ellie’s Dairy & Ashmore – delicious local cheeses from cows and goats, as well as chutneys to bring out the flavour and apple juice
Chai Stop – buy your Indian spices and taste the delicious and affordable Indian food they cook
Stylish Ice Cream – luscious old-fashioned, traditional ice cream scoops, with no additives, chemicals or colourings

If you'd like a stall in the summer Food Market, please contact Louise Oldfield on
louise.oldfield AT For more information on OTAG events please check out their website"


  1. Everyone knows the best restaurant in Kent is Age & Sons in Ramsgate. What is the woman on about!

  2. You wouldn't happen to be MISTER Age or son would you?

  3. No. Just a Ramsgate foodie.

    To be fair A&S does have a bit of a reputation for slow service and has been dubbed by some wags 'Ages & Sons'. But the food is sublime, worth the wait and way beyond what they're dishing up at the IP, which I would categorise as 'the second best restaurant in Thanet'. Not bad at all but definitely not 'THE best in Kent'.

    To be fair The Sportsman at Seasalter probably deserves that accolade, with Wheelers in Whitstable not far behind (that's BYOB but there's an offie opposite). OK, OK, Age & Sons - the third best restaurant in Kent!

  4. Me I but cheapest and best quality, if that comes from another country, fine, if it comes from a company what do I do, deny the workers there a wage, or vote with my feet and buy something more expensive but lesser quality. My answer, buy cheapest and best, and spend the money saved on my family

  5. Ken, as I said before, quality of service (& the enjoyment of the whole shopping experience) also comes into it for me. Most people go to restaurants just as much for the service as for the food & cost, so I don't see why they shouldn't do it with other things too...