Thursday, 2 July 2009


Local reader J. Hirst has sent me an Open Letter to Laura Sandys. The pictures are of two of the local improvements the Labour government has provided in South Thanet. The new built Montefiore Medical Centre on Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate. This houses the East Cliff Practice which was made up by the joining of the former Mildmay and Addington Street Surgeries, and the Grange Practice. Below is the Science Annexe at Clarendon House Grammar School in Ramsgate.

"Dear Ms. Sandys,

I keep reading that David Cameron, the Conservative Party Leader, wishes to cut public expenditure by 10% in order
to protect the NHS, a service that has saved thousands of lives since its creation in the 1940s. One of the Conservative MEPs for this region, Daniel Hannan, made an outrageous attack on the NHS recently but perhaps he is able to afford private health care unlike most who rely on the NHS and value everything about it. At least Mr. Cameron has pledged, to date, to support the NHS but is talking about other services suffering as a result.

If the NHS is to be protected from cuts then perhaps you could explain where the 10% axe will fall? Will education, my own area of expertise, be hit?

In the South Thanet area the government's investment in new school buildings has seen outdated buildings replaced by new, modern facilities. Will a Conservative governemnt renege on the government's plans to continue that programme?

Will local teachers lose their jobs as headteachers grapple with a 10% cut? Will teaching assistants who take a burden from the shoulders of hard-working teachers lose their jobs?

Will headteachers have to cut their books budget, computer investment, sports facilities? What impact will all this have on the attainment, behaviour, examination success of our local schoolchildren?

This area has seen a marked increase in attainment and aspirations o
f our school-aged children with more than ever going on to further and higher education, aspiring to success.

As a retired teacher I am familiar with the old buildings in which I had to teach - draughty, cold, poorly-equipped with inadequate supplies of books, stationery, facilities etc. Do you seriously wish those days back for our children and grand-children? My grandson is benefiting from being in a modern building with superb facilities that make learning a delight not a burden. Surely you cannot wish to deny him that continuing throughout his years in school?

Yours sincerely,

J Hirst"

I note Laura Sandys has a high regard for Daniel Hannan notwithstanding his attacks on the NHS. I will publish any repsonse from Laura Sandys.


  1. I note a huge number of students going on to further and higher education studying stupid subjects that will never give them employment. Yes they arein education and of course not on the unemployment list. Except that they will become unemployable.

    Even with a wonderful Labour govenment, how many thousands of Media studies graduates do we need?

  2. I very much doubt that you need to ask Laura, who isn't yet an MP. Given the ghastly size of the public sector deficit that now exists under a Labour Government the question might be better asked of Dr Ladyman

  3. Well, Dr. Moores she seems to have plenty to say on other issues so far so it would be interesting to read what she would do if elected and given the chance to defend the area against cuts.

  4. If I can pick up on the NHS and refer back to Daniel Hannan's attack whereby he said 'it had made people sicker',I was recently invited to take part in a bowel-cancer screening programme being rolled out across the country for my age group. As someone who lost most of his relatives to cancer of one kind or another I was happy to take part.

    The test is a bit awkward to complete but once done and six small samples posted off, I was pleased to get the 'all-clear' within a few days. I felt sure that I was ok but this test could have detected early cancer cells had they been present.

    Today I met someone whose bowel-cancer would have been picked up had this scheme been in operation earlier so he wouldn't have had months of treatment and hospitalisation.

    That's why we must protect the NHS from any cuts in finance. Does the private sector offer this type of test for all?

  5. Simon Steve has been quite clear in defending public services. he also does not see cutting inheritance tax for 3,000 millionaires including D Cameron, G Osborne (and L Sandys???)as a priority in these difficult times. Laura's silence on policy speaks volumes. Nice try to switch the subject!

  6. Apropos our schools. Would Laura Sandys endorse the KCC proposal to reduce grammar school places in East Kent to benefit the west of the county, and to also bring in pupils from outside Kent? Surely they should concentrate on improving standards in the east so that more children are brought up to grammer school standard. Nothing short of this would get my vote.