Friday, 17 July 2009


The campaign to get "Old" Haine Road closed or with serious traffic calming meausres continues. Local residents have had letters in the papers. The history of problems can be found here.

I am pictured here with local residents. These are some of their tales from the last couple of weeks:

"When Old Haine Road was closed over the Christmas period we had few problems regarding traffic, the emergency services also went round
the other route.

We all now have to endure speeding motorists and also abusive ones, and to make things even worse eggs , barbecue sauce and spit (saliva) being thrown at cars when parked in the road. A car window was smashed by a bunch of irate moped riders who had to stop to go round a parked car.

We even have abuse hurled at us and our visitors, when we pull up outside our properties to get on to our driveways."

"One evening at approximately 4.30, there was a serious accident involving two cars at the entrance to the Farm outbuildings by the ambulance station. Firemen were present with cutting equipment. This accident follows one, where the smashed car went into the field. The recent crash has provided two more cars in the field.

Whilst having to put up with abuse from drivers turning around on my drive, I and my neighbour noticed the traffic on the New Haine Road free flowing with no gridlock at the Toby roundabout. Interesting, a serious accident blocking our road but the New Haine Road continued to run smoothly. Just what we suggested."

"As you are aware I park my car on the road. I had an egg thrown on my car. I promptly stood out in the road with the pressure washer and cleaned it. As I was cleaning the windscreen a driver came along and hurled profanities at me through his open window. Forgetting I had the pressure washer in my hand, I turned to look at him and the spray from the pressure washer caught him straight in the face which seemed to clean his language up nicely! Perhaps pressure washers could be used alongside speed guns to stop the abuse!!!"

" Outside my house we've recently had a visitor with a speed gun. A very nice chap as well,
He managed to stop seven (7) motorists for speeding whilst we saw him; 2 male and 5 female drivers, in half an hour what a nice revenue he made.

After speaking to him he informed us that this was hopefully going to be a regular thing over the next several weeks. Can you publicise this so drivers know to behave better?"

One further problem is that of local businesses ignoring the signs restricting Old Haine Road to vehicles of 7.5 tons or less in weight. Some coaches from companies such as Buzzlines and Carol Peters have ignored the road sign, and use the road as a supposed a short cut, although they then often get caught at the islands by streams of traffic, so save no time. Despite complaints to the drivers and the companies this continues. Contrast this with Tesco. As soon as they were told, their drivers stopped and none of their vehicles have since been seen breaking the law. Thumbs up to Tescos.


  1. Would it not make sense to put posts in half way along the road I am sure motorists would soon learn to use the new route so long as the residents agreed to this,

  2. stargazer if they put posts in half way down the road what do the ambulances do, what about us that live on the road, how are we going to get to the shops and work.