Thursday, 16 July 2009


Last month I published Paul Conyers-Silverthorn's views on tourism.

His points prompted me to find out more about what Thanet Council is doing on tourism. A monthly bulletin is produced and July's edition is below. Good to see so much being done, one small criticism, I think this should go to as many councillors as possible County, District and Parish so that they can be better informed. I know all my Labour colleagues act as advocates for tourism in Thanet. Looking at the emails Thanet Council sends out very few seem to be copied to Parish councillors, and it would be good if they were better informed on local matters.

"Welcome to Tourism matters for July 2009

London advertising campaign under way

The Visit Kent and Southeastern London advertising campaign kicked off on Monday this week, and Thanet is one of just four lead partners. The campaign is being promoted through highlight poster sites at London Charing Cross and London Victoria (featuring both Botany Bay and Joss Bay), 53 digital 6-sheet posters across London rail stations, 3500 London Underground tube cards, promotions on Heart London radio, 200,000 voucher booklets, poster sites across the Southeastern network, PR and a dedicated campaign website The campaign runs throughout July and August.

This impact of this year's campaign will be measured through voucher redemptions at the participating venues, which include Crampton Tower, Dickens House and Powell Cotton Museums, Joss Bay Surf School, Sea Searcher Boat Trips, Shell Grotto

The London campaign follows on from a 2 July full page feature on Thanet…”Sandy Bay after Sandy Bay”….. in the London Evening Standard and a full page on “the Great British Weekend - Broadstairs” in the Times on 11 July.

Pride in Thanet - new nomination cards available

Let’s make it a bumper year for getting visitors to nominate you and your colleagues and staff for the Pride in Thanet Tourism Awards. You should now have nomination cards for the awards to be presented next year. If not call into your local Tourist Iinformation Centre to get a supply.

More Congratulations…

..and apologies for neglecting to mention them in the last e-bulletin but we had two Thanet winners out of 13 categories in the 2008 Taste of Kent Awards. Cliftonville Farmers Market was voted the Kent Farmers Market of the Year for the third year in a row - quite an achievement. The Best Kentish Beer award went to Ramsgate Brewery’s Gadds No 3.

Visit from new Chairman and Chief Executive of Tourism South East

Recently appointed TSE Chairman - John Williams, and Chief Executive - Mike Beddingfield, will be spending the day in Thanet on 23 July to find out about what’s going on in the area and how TSE might be able to offer support.

Beaches and Bays Questionnaire

For the fourth year running the B&B questionnaire has been produced and copies are in the process of being distributed to tourism businesses throughout Thanet. Please encourage your visitors to complete the questionnaire, which provides valuable feedback on visitors’ views on Thanet’s Bays and Beaches.

Training for taxi drivers

Visit Kent has obtained funding from Tourism South East for a two half-days training course specifically for taxi drivers in Thanet. The course is provisionally scheduled for 29/30 September and will probably be held in Margate. The course is aimed at providing taxi drivers with better knowledge of what’s going on in the area to help them to improve their service and the way that they interact with visitors.

Farewell John Haywood of Turner Contemporary, who is leaving next week. A big thank you to John for his contribution to putting Margate (and Thanet) on the map for its Turner and other creative connections.

..and don't forget... check out the events listing on to see what's happening over the next month - including Thanet Pride, Big Sky Jazz Festival and Carnival Soul Weekend in Margate; Sound Island Music Festival at Quex Park; Cliftonville Farmers Market; Broadstairs Folk Week and Fireworks displays; Ramsgate Costumed Walks...and much much more...and while you're on-line, check out for what's going on along the coast."

I have removed contact email addresses. If you want further information contact me and I will steer you in the right direction, or you can get in touch via the websites listed in the last paragraph.


  1. What a shame that TDC's Botany Bay posters in London doesn't mention naturism, we'd get far more people coming here if they did. Another missed opportunity.

  2. So much for KCC spending £1.6 on Kent TV and justifying this by saying it promotes Kent. TDC obviously have not heard of this as it would be free to use - or maybe they think its just wishful thinking on KCC part that Kent TV is a major player online. I cant find any publishd hit rates to prove overwise. At least most people have heard of and use the Visitxxx web sites, whether its Visitkent, Visitthanet etc. And it does not waste us Kent taxpayers money.

  3. Striking that there's only one reference to Ramsgate in all of that. Yet again we are the poor man of Thanet when it comes to tourism. All TDC want for us is windfarms and low flying planes which prompts me to ask what I'm paying them council tax for.