Monday, 27 July 2009


Total Politics is an excellent magazine. It operates on the incredibly unlikely view that politicians are decent honest people who serve their community. Unfortunately it has had a bit of a triple whammy. First it launched last year as the economy headed into a recession. Second, as I mentioned when I met its publisher the well known blogger Iain Dale (shameless namedrop)during the European election campaign (one to forget!) it was too generous with free copies to every councillor initially. Candidly Iain agreed, and they have revised the free distribution list to only senior councillors, so I have to buy or borrow now. Thirdly and most unfairly, the idea that politics is an honourable activity has been stuffed by the expenses farrago. I hope the magazine survives and prospers. Will be difficult for them being analogue in an increasingly digital age.

The magazine together with Labour List are sponsoring the annual Total Politics best blogs poll for 2009. All you have to do is email your list of 10 favourite blogs to
by 31st July. Here's a selection I think are worth considering voting for:

Olly's Onions superb visual humour. Here's my favourite from recent months, perhaps in current Thanet political circumstances somebody might superimpose a local person or two's head on this image!
Bob Piper a Man of the Midlands like myself. "Not New Labour, Not Old Labour, Just Labour" great slogan. Quick and pithy rebuttals of Conservative nonsense. Always enjoy his Aston Villa references.
Luke's Blog Every Friday he lists council by-election results. Labour is doing far better in Council by-elections than opinion polls. I have to confess I am unsure why this is, but it has to be good! Luke is a voice of the most right wing faction of the Labour Party, Labour First. Seriously ill and hospitalised for weeks he kept on blogging, impressive addiction/commitment.
Shot by Both Sides Kerry McCarthy MP. A vegan from Bristol and government whip. Anyone who is a devotee of the magnificent Magazine is fine by me. Takes on the Libertarian trolls and wins, well usually. Click here to listen to her title track.
More to follow.........

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