Saturday, 11 July 2009


Sounds like the title of a Bob Dylan song from the 1960s doesn’t it? Thank you so much to everybody who has been in touch following yesterday’s post. It has been suggested that it may be that John Worrow has not got a sense of humour. I do not know as I have not met him, but eagle eyed readers who have encountered him, noted I took down a comment I had posted which referred to Cllr. Worrow. It was published in the comments section to the article on Sunday 28th June about Cllr. Paul Carter being referred to Standards.

The comment was from someone called "John", here it is:

I expected to see Cllr Carter, although I accepted his appology and I do NOT believe it to be a standards issue.

The way I chose to vote was my decision, I am not under any kind of "Whip", I am a parish councillor.

I almost spat out my cornflakes with laughter when reading your "Mini-Me" comment; we need more humour in politics; however I see us more as OBE-Wan Kenobi and Skywalker.

Kindest Regards

I published the comment in good faith. Later that day John Worrow contacted me to say

“Cllr. Nottingam 'John' is not my profile. It is not an approved statement of mine.”

When I saw his request that evening (which had other personal details I am not publishing) I removed the post. I had intended to respond to it with a comment saying how much I had enjoyed the comment, that perhaps Margaret Sheldrick could be Princess Leia (Margaret is renowned for her sense of humour and fun, she may find meetings with Mr. Worrow somewhat tiresome!) and inviting readers to nominate other local notables for other Star Wars characters such as Darth Vader, Jabba the Hut etc.

Can anyone explain to me what an “approved” statement means? Does this mean John Worrow has to clear his statements and comments with somebody before writing? If so who is this higher authority? OBE-Wan Kenobi (Roger Latchford)??? (Just joking John!)

Another reader has suggested that if they were referenced as having Roger Latchford as their mentor they would be deeply offended. Is this how I upset John Worrow? I can assure him this was not my intention. I think John Worrow could learn a lot from Roger Latchford. The timing of when to apologise when you are in the wrong on a Standards matter, is something Roger Latchford could advise John Worrow on and save Thanet Council potentially thousands of pounds.

So there you have it one paragraph, and one comment (removed promptly), and John Worrow’s sorrow means that he has made a formal complaint. Please keep the information coming it is good to have so many people confirming the accuracy of the report in my original post. Nobody has written so far to dispute these facts.

UPDATE 22.7.09
I have received written confirmation that John Worrow has withdrawn his complaint.

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