Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Following on from my earlier post here some more blogs I think are worth voting for in the Total Politics 2009 blog awards. Voting ends on the 31st, email

Sadie Smith at Sadie's Tavern nobody takes the mickey out of the Tories, the modern media and sometimes parts of the Labour Party like Sadie. Always good for a laugh, and a sharp observer of inconsistent arguments.
A bit of a Labour theme as you might expect. The TUC's Touchstone blog is an interesting idea. All the various trade union research brains post on different subjects. I like it for the economics and the tax and pass on some writers.
Next Left is the Fabians and the same applies on the variable contributors as for the TUC.
Tom Watson MP is like some minimalist designer. Often just gives a link. Few MPs understand IT better and glad and proud to be a geek. For entertainment the "other" Tom, Tom Harris MP is far more fun, with a title that says it all. "...And Another Thing" I like it when he goes on and gets passionate, I think you will too. Read this if you are an elected representative.

The best written of any of the blogs I've mentioned is Hopi Sen's, A Blog from the Back Room. An insiders view of Westminster. A critical friend of the Labour Party and as he does a job similar to mine, always interesting to see his take on things.

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