Monday, 20 July 2009


On Saturday I went to Minster Flower Show, which was blessed with fine if windy weather. The parade through the village had many of the Kentish floats but I've featured my favourites from both ends of the age spectrum. The Minster and Monkton Royal British Legion Womens Section "Ageoretts" danced and pranced.
The Minster Mayhems showed off their traditional English dances, preserving our heritage in the modern world.

Inside the massive marquee there were excellent flower displays and cakes to feed an army. I lingered over the vegetables. In some categories, I would have fancied my own produce if I had been able to enter.

The mixed herbs looked artistic, and I always struggle with carrot fly, so have stopped growing them. My onions never reach the size here. I noted Fred Fright was winning more than anybody else, what a wonderful garden he must have. The organisers had encouraged entries into all categories, by granting free entry to the show for all local people entering any of the vast number of categories.
Outside there were races for all ages, many local bands blasting out, birds of prey, lots of stalls, a magic show and play area for the under 5s and a host of stalls and some old style fairground attractions. Something for everybody in the family. I'll be back!
Disappointingly this traditional English show which had hundreds of visitors was not featured on our local Visit Thanet website.


  1. Thank you for such a lovely write up of our show. I am vice chairman of the very small committee that organises this event. A lot of work,stress and sleepless nights goes into making this show what it is. This day really shows what a lovely village Minster is. so many people help and take part on the day and as long as we make enough money on the day to put the show on the following year our financial aim is achieved. It is a day when charities can boost their funds and make people aware of their cause. Most of our stall holders love to come to our show because of the friendly atmosphere. It's always nice to here what people think and it seems that this year was a success so thank you for coming and you will be very welcome next year. we will get this on the visit thanet website but after 2000 attendances this year how many more can we take? maybe we should keep it a secret between the 2000 :-) Please make yourself known to me next year I will be in a yellow polo shirt running around doing 10 jobs at once.
    Karen Brazil

  2. haha i can remember when we climbed on the roof of the tent when i was a child but every one makes such a big deal out of it now.