Sunday, 12 July 2009


Following the last 2 days posts (click here and here for them) John Worrow is a Birchington councillor who is failing to represent the good people of Birchington properly. I would far rather not be writing about him, but as he wants to waste taxpayers money, let me demonstrate how inconsistent he is being. His Standards complaint to Thanet Council about me publishing a report of a meeting I was not present at, will cost Thanet Council £3-4,000 as a minimum.
John Worrow objects to freedom of speech. When his conduct is examined he complains. John Worrow publishes false and insulting comments. People often think politicians are inconsistent. John Worrow demonstrates that in his actions.
Here is what John Worrow wrote about me on Ken Gregory’s blog, Village Voice on 14th March 2009. These were “approved” posts:
Whether you are right wing or wrong wing is not the only issue here; you are also showing yourself up to be very rude and unpleasant.

It is quite obvious that you hand pick the posts that you use.

However, Cllr. Gregory is a gentleman and respects all views.

If being rude and unpleasant is your nature, just carry on, you are a recruiting sergeant for the Conservatives.”


"It appears that Thanet's very own answer to Michael Foot is not that keen on free speech unless he agrees with it.

Dishing the dirt seems to be his favourite pass time at the moment as well as wearing it..."

Compare this with what I have published about Cllr. Worrow, which remember was written by a correspondent at the Manston Airport meeting, not by myself:
“The motion was carried by a majority of the committee although Cllr. Latchford and Birchington Parish Councillor John Worrow didn't support the motion. Parish Councillor Worrow who seems to be shadowing Cllr. Latchford at all public events, watched carefully to see his Thanet District Council representative's reaction before voting. Dressed in a very similar fashion to Roger Latchford, he appeared to some to be a "mini-me" of his mentor.”
My post has been confirmed as accurate by several people over the last few days. Nobody can do that for John Worrow’s posts about me.

In Cllr. Worrow’s ill-considered and regrettable comments, he falsely asserts that I select comments to be posted on this blog based on who people support politically. That is not true, and he has no evidence to support his malicious allegation. John Worrow is not telling the truth, and he is letting Birchington down by acting in this manner.

He says I am rude and unpleasant, yet he has never met me!

Why did he post this comment? At that time in March, on this blog I was criticising the conduct of his fellow Conservative, Cllr. Ezekiel who had been found guilty of being reasonably aggressive by the Standards Committee. Have a look at the posts which he thought were objectionable if you wish

I remain, as many local people do, unhappy with the low standards of conduct Cllr. Ezekiel brings to public life. I can only conclude Cllr. Worrow considers expressing a widely held view as being “rude and unpleasant”. Whereas when Cllr. Ezekiel is rude and unpleasant, John Worrow’s silence speaks volumes for the partisanship of his judgment.
On my appearance, at a winter Council meeting I had cycled to the meeting through snow wearing jeans, a fleece and weatherproof jacket. John Worrow may think a blazer and slacks should be worn at all times. They are not very practical for winter cycling! Environmentalism or pomposity? I know which I'm choosing!

I will leave you, dear reader, to make your own comparison of the statements above. You can draw your own conclusions as to why John Worrow wants to spend thousands of pounds of OUR money making a complaint about a factual report I published, when he sees no contradiction in writing far more offensive unsubstantiated comments about me.

I think the £3-4,000 John Worrow wants spent on a full investigation of this matter should be spent on Thanet Council's shortage of wheelie bins, or keeping open public toilets that have been closed. That would be far better for Birchington than his current embarassing actions.

UPDATE 22.7.09
I have received written confirmation that John Worrow has withdrawn his complaint.


  1. In a word, hypocrisy. One rule for the Tories but another for anyone else.

    The comments in your original posting and the subsequent ones show that Parish Councillor Worrow needs to re-think his complaint as it is clear your correspondent was accurate in what was written and the post you put up believing it to be from him was done in good faith.

    What a ridiculous fuss about nothing. Aren't there more important issues for local councillors to be worked up about?

  2. "Embarrassing Birchington"? Not as much as you're embarrassing yourself Mark...

    I don't know you personally Mark, & I barely know John (though he's been a gentleman on the couple of very brief occasions when I have met him), but I'm sure I'm not the only person who would much rather read your usually excellent posts on local issues (Dumpton Park Drive, Haine Road, etc) than all this petty squabbling.

  3. Please do not criticise John Worrow he is doing his best!(for a CONSERVATIVE)he is Chairman of Birchington Parish Council.

  4. Anon 21.58 You should be aware that Thanet Council's Conservative leadership are currently bringing forward proposals to effectively close down Labour councillor blogs. I agree it's petty (but he started it!!!!!!) Regrettably, a formal referral to Standards Committee is a very serious matter which could stop me acting as a cllr. That's why I am defending myself.

  5. I'm not particularly political but from where I'm standing and having read both Mark's and John's posts, all I can say is John's comments about Mark were far more personal and attacking of Mark than the report which Mark posted of John at that meeting.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black Mr Worrow! I think it shows the decency of Mark for the fact that he didn't go running off to the Standards board to make a complaint about John's comments back in March. All I can say is that Mr Worrow needs to grow up a bit - very childish behaviour (although I wonder if his fellow councillors put him up to this).

    From the little I understand of the Standards board, the whole process seems very undemocratic - someone can make any petty complaint about you and you have to sit tight lipped until judgement is passed - that judgement usually being that the whole thing was unfounded anyway - except in the case of Ezekiel where it was founded and his conservative peers stll sat tight lipped instead of doing the decent thing and speaking out. It's good that Mark has bought this whole charade into the open so the public can see how money is wasted.

  6. Mr Worrow is a little man with ideas of grandeur. He wishes to make a name for himself by joining any party that will have him. I remember not too long ago when he was canvassing on behalf of the "Grey Party" that he did not have a good word to say about Cllr Latchford, in fact made some very insulting remarks about him on my doorstep. The Grima Wormtongue of Birchington.

  7. Mark, I noticed at the latest kiacc meeting latchford didn't say much, but seemed to be "puppeteering" worrow when he was debating an item with me.

    Nothing worse than someone who should command respect in the community (ie a councillor) not being able to stand on their own two feet.

    A weak kneed politico wanabee wasting valuable public resource. In fact that perfectly describes Thanet Tories. What's the point in having so many of th when they all toe he sandy line when it comes to voting?

  8. I think all these attacks on this nice young man John Worrow should stop.
    As I said before he is now the most important man in Birchington,Chairman of the Parish council and rumour is that he lined up to take The deputy leader of the District Councillors place when he retires on the District council in 2012?
    Perhaps he works very hard here in Birchington safeguarding the community from over zealous builders who break building regulations?

  9. Let's be clear Mark. The Blogs protocol discussion comes from the Cheif Executive at TDC and is not some kind of conspiracy to "Close Down" Labour Blogs.

    You know as well as I do that the council has been dismayed by some of the inflamatory and insulting language used freely on Blogs published by several individuals. If you were party to the same discussions as me, you'll also know that it's a matter of responsible self expression in an adult manner which treats others with respect; quite the opposite of Derek Draper's example.

    I signed-up to that principle, adding on occasions the occasional 'tongue in cheek' remark in good humour. I would encourage you and your colleagues to do the same.

  10. 'Rumoured to take over from the Deputy Leader after 2011'. Isn't the choice of who wins the seat that Councillor Latchford currently holds down to the electorate and the council leader to select his/her deputy. Or perhaps your comments are 'tongue in cheek' or perhaps you are the woman in the audience who opposed the decision to report Cllr. Carter to Standards and said 'what a bore it was getting to Heathrow these days'?

  11. I think the electorate of Birchington will elect John Worrow,although with the Conservatives in Government in Parliament by then they might find it hard to keep many of their seats in Thanet, could we see the Gray
    Party asking for a new leader? come back John all is forgiven!?

  12. Simon
    I know you are inexperienced at the Cabinet level but it is Councillors who decide the agenda to be pursued unless it is a statutory matter. This is not a statiutry matter, it is discretionary and it does you little credit to try and hide behind officers, or worse imply officers run the Council rather than members. I am aware of how keen some of your senior colleagues are to apply "discipline" to critical blogs.

    Sadly with your Draper style smear (Coulson anybody) you demonstrate the partisan way you would apply any policy.

    I have written to you before about your tolerance of low standards in public life. I suggest you work to improve the conduct of the Conservative group before trying to apply any further procedure. You've got lots of work to do there, and your "one-eyed" approach inspires no confidence.

  13. Odd that the Birchington Parish Council website lists a Brian White as Chair of the parish council. Perhaps there's been a coup and he's been deposed. Does anyone know whether the site is out of date or is the John Worrow campaign trying to 'big' him up a bit?

  14. Think he is being bigged up big time

  15. Would Mr Worrow care to pay the cost of this investigation him self ? I doubt it but if he is reading this he may care to answer me ..... Why have you considered this as an option? if the cost is as being bandied about is three to four thousand pounds WHO IS FOOTING THE BILL. (BR) Gents shut up and get on with doing something other than bickering like school kids