Wednesday, 8 July 2009


To the right of this post at the top you will see an opportunity to vote on whether there should be traffic calming. I cannot provide you with an exact map, as neither Multimap nor Google have updated their maps to incorporate the new bypass.

A report on Kent County Council's proposals can be found here. This report was agreed at the last meeting of Thanet Council's Joint Transportation Board. My photo shows the Isle of Thanet Gazette's Thom Morris reporting on Haine Road. He produced a story which you can click here to read.

Dozens of local residents have signed a petition which reads:

"We the undersigned hereby petition Thanet Council and Kent County Council for the closure of Haine Road between the Spratling Street and Toby Carvery roundabouts. If in the final event this is not possible then we petition Thanet Council and Kent County Council to provide traffic calming to a standard that would substantially reduce the volume and speed of traffic using this stretch of road."

This will be submitted to Thanet Council's next meeting on 23rd July.

You can sign this petition on-line by clicking here.

Background on the history of this issue can be found at my previous posts:

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I will be writing more about this soon.


  1. I have lived on the Haine road for 25years ifrom the days when my wife could ride her horse along the road. I have been forced many times to park on the road as have visitors to my property and during all that time my car had never sustained damage.Folllowing the new restrictictions on HGV on the road within three weeks my car was smashed into causing 4k worth of damage if it had not only been a month old it would have been written off.It was parked with hand brake on on a stretch of the road that is pretty clear but the impact was so great it was moved 8 to 10 feet an indication on the speed the car was travelling at. A few weeks after that builders were repairing the wall at the end of my drive following ANOTHER accident were a car had demolished part of this 300 year old wall, and despite having barriers and warning sign their van was struck by a car going too fast to stop to give way to traffic from the other direction.I witnessed an accident outside the ambulance station where a vehicle was struck as a result of a car travelling so fast t just appeared around the corner. Cars travel at excessive speed there are blind corners and many sections with no footpaths and protection for pedestrians. THERE WILL BE A FATALITY on this road involving either a pedestrian or a cyclist and keeping the road open is a complete lack of showing any concerns for safety by KCC.

  2. It is time perhaps for the residents of Haine Road to get real? The road has less traffic, has had its speed limit reduced from 40 to 30mph and yet they think they are a special case for road calming? Go and stand in Westover Rd, Broadstairs; Northdown Rd, St. Peters; Westgate Bay Avenue/Westbrook Avenue and many other very built up residential roads in Thanet and you will then appreciate how 30mph speed limits in Thanet are utterly ignored with damage to residents cars and properties that has become accepted as the norm. There are worthier cases for traffic calming and speed enforcement than on this sparsely populated road and perhaps a sense of perspective and reality is needed in this matter!

  3. Residents of other areas can make their own cases if they wish but the areas that 'Bertie' refers to have not had Westwood Cross dumped on theier doorstep and consequently get nothing like the volume of traffic that we experience. We have serious concerns and, as noted, several accidents have already taken place. We are not claiming to be a special case. Plans were drawn up by Kent Highways and passed on to all residents in January 2008 which included a traffic calming scheme. Clearly planners had concerns at the outset and we feel justified in trying to get Kent Highways to honour their original promise. Anybody who does not like using a traffic calmed road does of course have a perfectly suitable alternaive.

  4. Haine Road Resident9 July 2009 at 09:41

    Replying to Bertie Biggles.. the reason we ARE a special case sir, is that this is a rural road and we choose NOT to stand in the roads you mentioned. As YOU state, they are 'very built up residenttial roads'. Ours is not.. it's what we moved here for.. uninterrupted views of the fields of thanet. Perhaps if you didn't sit on the fence and accept speeding as the norm you would have a much happier life and not feel you have to offload your anger at our plight.

  5. And to add to the above, only yesterday evening, there was another crash involving two cars. These two cars are now joining another car that crashed on Monday. They are all in the field opposite the Farm Buildings. How many crashed cars left in your roads Bertie?
    "A sense of perpective and reality"?
    I rest my case.

  6. Maybe the issue that should be addressed is why KCC wasted 6 million plus on a pointless road, perhaps they should have straightened up and widened the existing Haine Road, and compulsory purchased any conflicting property.

    Roads in and around Thanet are a complete pigs breakfast. Kent Highways have always looked after Maidstone and West Kent.

    The Haine road has always been dangerous but since the ambulance station was moved up the road I hardly think that placing obstructions in the road (traffic calming) is the answer.

  7. Perhaps Tony flaig bignews is unaware that the Council did try and wider the road in the mid-90's having compulsory purchased some of the houses, but they could not finish the project because of a listed building. At that time they said they would be building a new road and would close Haine Road - another promise the council have not kept. We also do not have pathways to walk on like Westover Road, etc., - would you like to be walking in the road to get to a bustop at either Westwood Cross or Newington and have cars zooming round you with the drivers cursing you or even, in some cases, throwing objects at you - at least you have a path to walk on safely. My daughter cannot visit me without being dropped off or picked up because she has a baby in a pushchair and no way would she walk in the road - and she cannot wheel the pushchair in the field. If people want to travel at 40 mph they should use the new road - there are no hazards on that one. Even the postman has abuse thrown at him when he stops to deliver our post - we are a RURAL area and it is too dangerous for the postman to use a bike.

  8. What people forget is that all trafic coming into thanet have to come in via birchington or the haine road. So the haine road is an arterial road, a road that was not designed to carry the volume of trafic it carries.
    If trafic comes into birchington it has speed warning signs it has speed cameras and it also has the occasional police speed traps So the vast majority of motorists abide by the speed signs.
    Having livid on the haine road since 1995 there has not been a fatality,or serious injury which is quite remarkable. So no speed cameras will be put up. The new haine road was built, because the old haine road could not carry on carring the volume of trafic it was carrying,and had been proposed many years ago back even before the westwood shopping was thought about. When they originaly propsed the building of the new haine road the old one was going to be an access road only and it was intented for it to be closed.
    I think you will find that it certainly did not cost 6 million to build the new haine road it costs 1.5 million a mile to build a motorway that has six lanes the new haine road is certainly not a mile long and it only has two lanes and as the field was already owned by the council