Thursday, 23 July 2009


Thank you to everybody who voted in the poll on Haine Road traffic, 74% wanting traffic calming. Following on from my last post tonight at a full meeting of Thanet Council residents presented their petition calling for traffic calming. Peter Smith the residents spokesman gave a superb exposition of all the problems residents have faced. Brilliantly about 25 people had come along to support Peter. Fitting in history, facts and hopes for the future he literally finished spot on 3 minutes as the bell went to mark that his time was up. As he walked back from the front he rightly got a massive round of applause.

I popped out to have a brief meeting with everybody present from Haine Road. I was able to advise them that Thanet Council is considering changing its planning vision to allow 400-600 houses to be built between Old Haine Road and New Haine Road as part of a plan to turn Westwood Cross into a small town in itself. The land which is mostly agricultural and rural and character at present is zoned to be light industrial.

I was at a briefing meeting earlier this week where officers were unable to fully explain their plans in detail. As we ran out of time we have scheduled a new meeting for councillors to be briefed. The plan then, is for Thanet Council in the autumn to go out for months of consultation with the community. That's good and how it should be. Plans being shared, councillors as elected representatives briefed and then time for local people to take a view on the proposals put forward. I'll be returning to this subject in the future.

UPDATE 24.7.09 For details of Council Leader Sandy Ezekiel's latest attempt to ride roughshod over rules and to ignore democratic procedures click here and here.


  1. TDC should wait until Infratill sell up. Plent of brownfield space to build on.

  2. Without commenting on the rights and wrongs of any particular dvelopement, I would point out that central Government have thrust an extra 500 ish homes on us here in Thanet over the next few years. No ifs no but's we have to have them. Is this good or bad? I do not yet have a view, I am still thinking.

  3. I thought industrial land had to be kept as such to try and encourage entreprise, not for TDC to change the zoning of the land because it or KCC owns it and stands to gain from a change of zoning category? granting permission here because it suits them? all very cosy. Well done Mark for highlighting this story.

  4. Anon 11.35 I think the difficulty is that in the current economic circumstances many industrial units are vacant so do we need more industrial land developed?
    On housing I ned to be briefed fully on the whole plan across Thanet to have a full view. We need new housing the waiting lists show that and also for social reasons like divorce meaning more single households that have changed society.
    As a Northwood councillor residents will be greatly affected by changes around Westwood Cross, particularly those on Haine Road and Margate Road who suffer the worst traffic consequences.