Friday, 19 June 2009


Today's Daily Mail has a bizarre story and "campaign" complaining about wheelie bins. This is the worst sort of cheap populism. Look at this absurd quote:

Conservative Shadow Local Government Minister Bob Neill said:

"Households up and down the country are being hit by the curse of wheelie bins - an obsession of bin bureaucrats. This is all being driven by meddling Labour Ministers who seem intent on dictating how people dispose of their rubbish. This campaign will send Gordon Brown a message that enough is enough."

Quality rubbish.

The Mail in true fashion spreads a little fear into our lives with this in the headline..

stop monstrous wheelie bins engulfing our streets

The killers of Baby P yes they're monstrous, but no the Mail says you're not even safe to leave your own home, there's monstrous wheelie bins out there don't you know!

Bob Neill is being disingenuous. As Shadow Local Government Minister he knows that the largest political party running Councils and providing wheelie bins is the .......Conservatives!

As to Labour introducing them he knows this is false too, I was a Labour councillor in Lewisham in the 1990s, when as a Labour administration we introduced wheelie bins with the full support of the then Conservative government.

Wheelie bins aren't perfect, they have problems, but it is hard to see what better alternative there is. Councillors of all political persuasions have implemented them and I'm not going to take a pop at the Thanet Conservative administration for using wheelie bins.

I'll leave that to Tory MP Bob Neill.

Here's a mark of the man. Bob Neill's Bromley constituency has trains that take 15 minutes to Westminster, yet uses his (I should say "our") expenses to fund a million pound home in Southend an hour away.

If you like wheelie bins there's more here than you could ever wish to see.


  1. There are thousands sitting down in Port Ramsgate waiting for our useless council to deploy them. I pray they do soon as some of the streets in Ramsgate are becoming impassable due to the depth of rubbish spilt from bin bags.

  2. having to travel on an electric scooter some places are impassable due to them left on paths all week long grrrrrrrrrrrrrr