Thursday, 25 June 2009


The latest issue of the Ramsgate Society's magazine "About Ramsgate" is a good read as ever. The editorial is constructively critical of Thanet Council's failure to get to grips with tourism in the modern world. Robert Holden writes about the Pleasuarama site (pictured top courtesy Eastcliff Richard):

"With the promise of a super summer to come and, with many people around the country taking their holidays in this country due to the weak pound, would it be too much to ask, and expect, of our Council to make this prime sea front site quickly available for some entrepeneurial seaside leisure activities in support of seaside tourism?"

It is not too late. Granted the area will need tidying and the fence perhaps painted with a rather more gay seaside theme......There must be a few fairground operators who would love to give it a go, especially since they will not be forever taking their rides down and putting them back up again for a different venue.
It wouldn't be Merrie England but it would be a whole lot better than the current eyesore it is!"
Seems like a good idea worth exploring to me. For my views and those of other councillors on Pleasurama click here.
The Ramsgate Society have revamped their website, it's at
do have a look at the photos. There's a separate section on the rebuilding Ramsgate Library. I attach my own pictures of the Library and the plaque which acknowledges the work of the Friends of Ramsgate Library.

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