Monday, 1 June 2009


I have featured before the campaign with residents by Ramsgate County Councillor Alan Poole who has been working to improve traffic on Haine Road.
There are still problems as Kent County Council have not yet had the next stage of consultation, by writing to local residents. Road signs stating the speed limit on Haine Road has been reduced to 30 mph do not seem to have made a lot of difference - some, if not most, of the traffic is still speeding past.
As the TV advert goes - hit a child at 40 mph and 80% would die - hit a child at 30 mph and 80% would live. There are still some lorries over 7 tons using the road - although it is good to note there are not as many as in the past. Local residents main concern is over the volume and speed of the traffic using the road when there is the safer New Haine Road in place.
Residents I have spoken to in 'Old' Haine Road want the old road shut, making all the traffic use the New Haine Road.
One problem is I understand the emergency services do not like this idea of road closure. I am told that Kent Highways are working on ways by which the emergency services could have access down the Old Haine Road if necessary, if say the New Haine Road was blocked due to a traffic jam.
Residents keep losing wing mirrors from their cars when they park on Old Haine Road because the drivers are going too fast to calculate distances correctly!
I am told by Kent Highways that they will be writing to local residents about how to manage traffic in the next week or so. I look forward to hearing about their plans.


  1. Not very green to shut the old road, as the new road is .4 of a mile longer, needing more fuel to complete the same journey

  2. The new road is unpopular because it was presented as a solution to the Westwood Cross congestion, whilst in actual fact it is just an access road to lots of empty land which can be used for industrial estates. As Ken Gregory says, it is longer and it is also plagued with roundabouts and, even at 30mph, it is quicker and simpler to use the old road. Everyone knows that the Westwood Cross congestion is worst in the directions coming from Ramsgate (Sainsbury) and Broadstairs and the New Haine Road has done nothing to help that. Kent Highways make a hash of everything they do and, in this case, they could simply have reduced the speed limit on the Haine Road to 30, strictly enforced, and spent their millions on improving the Westwood Cross approach rather than the unwanted New Haine Road.

  3. The road may be a bit longer but not necessarily less'green' as it would depend on the speed you drive at, the efficiency of your vehicle and whether or not it takes longer to travel on the new rather than the old road. Addditionally, there are no houses, yet, on the new road although that may change if EKO LLP gets its way.

  4. Ken on 14th April you wrote on your blog:

    "As most will know there will be Euro, County and some Parish elections in June. As a result, in order to comply with electoral law, I will, until the election is over, restrict my postings to Non Political issues."

    Now I know as politicians it is our right to be consistently inconsistent, but can you clarify if you have changed your mind or forgotten your promise?

    This could be a planning matter so you could be predetermining?

    I'm supporting the local Northwood residents.

  5. Kent Highway Services have informed me that they will be consulting residents next week regarding options for the 'old Haine Road'.
    My preferred option is closure but the Emergency Services have objected; lockable, moveable bollards may resolve this objection(Emergency Services can have a key and operatee as necessary).
    Other options include a chicane (like Manston Road....but this doesn't work too well) or speed bumps which can cause noise problems.

  6. The trouble is that many people still see the "solution" to traffic problems as more roads rather than less cars. At the same time we're having public transport further restricted, with bus routes in Thanet either scrapped or diverted, therefore forcing yet more people into their cars...

    I'm sure that in 10 or 20 years time people will start realising that things have to change, & more & more places will become car-free. I for one can't wait!

  7. What is political about traffic problems, they are real and need dealing with!

  8. I am surprised that you are contributing to Councillor Nottingham's blog, Councillor Gregory. Some time ago you said on "Thanet Life" that you were glad you had no links to it, and more recently, you have made fun of the lightening strike on Councillor Nottingham's house. Do you have any scruples?

  9. As a Taxi driver in Thanet let me be the one who points out the obvious that the new road is longer and requires a lot more slowing and acceleration due to the roundabouts on route than the old road - increasing both vehicle wear and fuel use by taking the new road over using the old road.

    As such, the old haine road will continue to be used by road users on a daily basis.

    If you're complaining about vehicles travelling down what's always been one of the main highways into Thanet then perhaps it would have been best to not purchase a property alongside a main road?

    All of these people complaining about drivers not using a poor alternative of a road just confuse the issue - we were promised a road to improve traffic at Westwood Cross, this never happened.

    A relief road for the old haine road running along the other side of the haine road to intersect nash road (which is also scheduled for "improvements") would have been a better option. Star Lane could have been widened when the car wash / drive-thru were being built and a roundabout placed at the star lane / ramsgate road junction with a slip-road to turn left.

    A slip-road system for accessing the new Westwood Cross development via a flyover for those on the opposite carriageway would have also improved traffic.

    This would have alleviated a lot of westwood traffic as through traffic to Margate would not have had to stop and wait for people who wish to go shopping and through-traffic for Ramsgate would be delayed less than they are currently.

    This would, unfortunately, have necessitated the CPO of a limited amount of farmland although in the building of Westwood Cross and the Eurokent park this doesn't seem to be a problem for our local council!

    Speak to most people in Thanet and they can all tell you the best ways of solving traffic issues and some of these do involve new road-building. None of them seem to involve our local authority putting up more traffic lights and reducing more speed limits.

    Some of these will cost money but the money wasted on traffic-calming and stupid road modification schemes which are then u-turned upon a few years later aren't cheap and are just wasted finances. Surely we should use public money on something the majority of the public actually want? Instead, we seem to simply spend public money to please those who shout the loudest......

    There have been fatal accidents on the St Peters Road / Dane Court Road since the speed limit was reduced from 60mph to 50mph with there still being very little compliance to a 50mph limit, whilst there was better compliance to a 60mph limit.

    Why criminalise the majority of the population who are well aware of how to drive safely at a reasonable speed?

    How about telling us how much was spent on all the road improvements to the St Peters Road / Dane Court Road which seem to have done little to increase road safety?

  10. Haine Road resident30 June 2009 at 23:45

    Many residents do not have a problem with living on a main road. We do however have a problem with the fact that it has become a main road to Westwood Cross, a development that had not even been conceived when many of us moved here. The vast volumes of traffic generated by Westwood have had a significant negative effect on our quality of life but we were prepared to put up with it because road improvements were promised in the shape of a new haine road to bypass the old one and traffic calming measures or access restrictions to encourage drivers to use the new road. Although the new road is a reality the broken promises on traffic calming mean that our road has become a rat run with frequent speeds well in excess of the old 40 limit never mind the new 30 limit. The old road was hazardous in the past, with a number of accidents, some fatal. The road is now narrower due to extended footpaths and so potentially more dangerous and there have alrady been accidents due to excessive speed.
    These are the sort of reasons why residents are complaining.
    It's all too easy to suggest we should not live on a main road but that does not address drivers lack of consideration for residents, the abuse we suffer for daring to park a car in a residential road with a 30mph limit, vehicles using our private driveways for off road turning or racing past our doors at brake neck speeds, lorry and coach drivers ignoring the weight restrictions and, of course, Kent Highways trying to fob us off because they've generally made a dogs dinner of Westwood and it no longer suits them to keep their promises to us residents.

  11. Sadly, an accident waiting to happen...