Friday, 5 June 2009


Worrying early results being declared in the County Council elections. Excellent results for Labour in Hastings (only lost on seat!). Have a closer look at the early results in East Sussex through the excellent County Council results service and there is a worryingly high level of support for the BNP approaching 10% which would be enough for a MEP. It is hard to tell because the BNP have not stood in rural areas and other towns that have declared like Eastbourne. Instead it may be there has been an informal alliance as in Eastbourne UKIP has stood in every seat and done very well, with no BNP and in Hastings the BNP stood with no UKIP.

From results declared the Greens are not doing that great and will not get a second MEP in the South East region. Labour will hold its only MEP I predict on what is going to be Labour's worst set of results in modern times.

Local results will underestimate minor parties votes so I expect UKIP, Green and BNP to out-poll their local results overall in the European results. This is difficult to call because all the small parties do not stand that many local candidates. I have heard many anecdotal stories from all of the 3 main parties of people voting for them locally, but for other parties in the Europeans. Nonetheless I predict the 10 South East MEPs to split like this for the first 9 of the 10 seats

Conservative 3
Liberal 2
Labour 1
Green 1

the last seat to go to Conservative/UKIP or even and I very much hope not the BNP.

In Lincolnshire although not standing in many divisions the BNP got 8-10% of the vote. Not quite enough to get an East Midlands MEP but worryingly close. It looks clear that one of the main consequence of expenses will be to see a racist party get national representation for the first time.

Shame on every single MP whose abuse brought this about.


  1. Mark shame on the system that allowed them to think it was ok.

  2. Where was this UAF MOB when a group of Islamic exstremists were protesting against British soldiers that came home from Iraq?

    Where were they when former terrorist Gerry Adams MP spoke in the very same spot in front of the House of Commons?

    Where were they when a very brave Peter Tatchell stood up to Robert Mugabe's mob on his own?

    I don't agree with far right politics anymore than I agree with extreme leftists politicians such as George Galloway MP or the Terrorist made good , Gerry Adams MP

    BUT at least the likes of George Galloway MP, Nick Griffin MEP and Gerry Adams MP are democratically elected politicians, unlike the "thought police" rent-a-mob that want to deny the electorate the right to make up their own minds.

    It seems that these so-called protesters would create an East German style state run by "the thought police" if they had their un-democratic way.

    We need need to be afraid of this un-democratic self-righteous MOB more than we do Gerry Adams MP, Nick Griffin MEP and George Galloway MP.


    (I doubt that this will be post will be used; what does that say about democracy?)

  3. hastings, there was a UKIP candidate.

  4. Jim most UAF people are not like the few who did what they did. Most BNP leaders are or associate with criminals. Egg throwing is wrong but it is a few people not even the majority of UAF. Personally I prefer hope not Hate's work.