Friday, 8 May 2009


Regular readers will recall I posted on the need for Thanet Council to ditch its desire for quad bikes and aeroplanes, and to look to sustainable tourism. Tomorrow is the start of the Isle of Wight Walking Festival. There are 300 walks including a 5am dawn chorus, dinosaurs (Thanet's got some of those, the Rock Doc Cllr. Alasdair Bruce is very well acquainted with where they are locally), wild food, Christian Aid....
There are so many different themes click here to see them all. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so it would be great if Thanet could adapt (nick) some. We could develop things further. Next week on Wednesday The Apprentice television programme features Margate.

"Once a jewel of the Kent coast, Margate still has a faded grandeur, but it is up to the teams to bring a much-needed sparkle for the 21st century."

and the rumoured proposal for Margate to become more gay centred. The Isle of Wight Walking Festival has a speed dating walk, how about a gay speed walking event? We could call it Gays at the Bays. Perhaps it could be added to the Thanet Pride event on 18th July to gauge the level of interest.

The picture is of one of my favourite walks, the foreshore of Pegwell Bay.


  1. I've walked to, around & across pretty much every last little corner of Thanet (& way beyond), & agree it's a great place for walking (quite easy too, as there's no really large hills). I agree that Pegwell Bay is a particular good spot!

  2. Thanks Peter, I thought you might have commented on my suggestion for a naturist beach, helpful to you surely?

  3. Mark, I've very mixed feelings over naturist beaches to be honest. I was going to write a lengthy answer on here to explain, but instead I've written a blog: