Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Please have a look at this latest lazy cut and paste click here. This offering is from Laura Sandys Conservative candidate for Thanet South, and Roger Gale MP who hopes to be Speaker. Now to take these two people seriously, this is the sort of press release they should issue if they are sincere about cleaning up standards in public life:

Thanet Tories call for Council Election

Give the people their say to restore trust in Thanet Council

Roger Gale and Laura Sandys are calling for Thanet Council to be dissolved and for a council election to be held and are asking people of all political persuasions to support a move that urges Sandy Ezekiel to dissolve Thanet Council and give the electorate a say immediately about the future of their elected representatives.

“This call for an election is not a partisan request. It is about restoring the trust and dignity that the Council must recapture, and it is only through a fresh election that Thanet Council will be able to address the significant troubles that our democracy and Thanet face with the confidence of the people,” says South Thanet`s Conservative, Laura Sandys .

“This is not about party politics – this is about our Thanet Democracy. This current Conservative Thanet Council no longer has the confidence of the public. We need to get every sitting Conservative councillor who voted for Sandy Ezekiel, to stand on their record and put themselves to the people,” says North Thanet`s MP, Roger Gale.

David Cameron has said “This Thanet crisis has been caused by my Conservative politicians, so I don't think the Conservatives alone can solve it. The public have got to be involved. I know that Roger Gale and Laura Sandys have worked hard to ignore bad behaviour, and misconduct by the Conservative Leader Sandy Ezekiel and his Deputy Roger Latchford who joined him in publicly shaming Thanet.”

He concluded: “I am asking to run the country, but I cannot even ensure good behaviour by a Conservative run District Council. My local Conservative representatives have done nothing whatsoever to address the concerns of the Thanet public. My local Conservative councillors keep re-electing Cllr. Ezekiel as their Leader no matter how often he swears and misbehaves. That's the Conservative way, we talk big but when it comes to action we look the other way.
Cllr. Ezekiel is a well known former boxer, I am backing him as the Conservative who can put the punch into Punch and Judy politics.”

1. Thanet Council Leader Sandy Ezekiel in 2007 "The ethical standards officer concluded, based to a significant extent on Councillor Ezekiel’s own evidence, that Councillor Ezekiel had been offensive and discourteous towards the retiring mayor and another councillor.” Full details of the Standards Board here.
2. Thanet Council Leader in 2008 aggressive again and damaging Thanet's reputation. Full details here. (Slow download)
3. 2009 OK so far (fingers crossed)

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  1. Good one Mark, if only it were true! No-one has the courage to stand up to them that is the problem!

  2. Laura replies to my emails Mark its just you must be a reson for it ?

  3. No wonder she hasn't got time for anything else. It probably takes her a whole morning to work out what you're on about.

  4. Anon 8.44 that's ungracious to suggest Laura is a bit dim.
    Don there are others who Laura Sandys ignores, she refuses to answer any difficult questions on her record or on policy. Perhaps you could drop her a line and ask her if she will answer questions, and let me know how local people can find out what she thinks.