Friday, 15 May 2009


As a supporter of alternative energy sources I am pleased to see that Vattenfall the company behind the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm (TOW) is having a Drop In Session for anybody with questions about their work.

It will be on Tuesday 19th May from 2pm-6.30pm.

It will be at the former departure lounge at the Port of Ramsgate - Follow signs through the harbour tunnel to Ramsgate Ferry Terminal. Everybody is welcome. It is an opportunity to meet the Project Director and other staff, ask questions, look at a display and have a tea or a coffee. As I have commented before, always good to see big local organisations being open. Perhaps those involved with Pleasurama on the other side of the harbour might want to arrange something similar?


  1. Councillor, are the birds safe, I am very concerned about them being cut to shreds?

  2. There was a Pleasurama presentation and open day hosted by that little estate agent in Albion House. He was either awfully brave or totally unaware of the feelings of the residents of the East Cliff.

  3. As a local councillor could you contact the company and request more convenient hours for the session. With lunch breaks revolving around midday, the school day finishing at 3pm and most working days ending after 5pm, would not a start time of mid morning provide the scope for more visitors who have school or work commitments?
    Accessing Vattenfall via email has proved difficult!

  4. Anon 9.34 as far as I know. Jean thanks for the info. Anon 14.15 can you email details of your problem please?