Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Guest blog from Cllr. Alan Poole, Kent County and Thanet District Councillor, writing here as Chair of South Thanet Labour Party:

"I want to thank Steve Ladyman MP, for publishing his allowance claim forms and receipts on his web site, which can be found at…… www.stephenladyman.info

It can be seen that a large part of his allowance claim is attributed to the running of his constituency office in Ramsgate, where he employs three members of staff answering constituents concerns and queries.

Steve is well down the list of those claiming allowances, being 440th out of 646.

Labour Party Members and South Thanet Constituents are appalled and dismayed that some MPs, of all parties, have been abusing the allowance system with particular reference to the practice known as 'flipping'. These MPs may claim that they have not broken any rules but they must know that the practice is immoral.

Members of the South Thanet Constituency Labour Party will be debating a resolution on Friday 22nd May calling on the Prime Minister and the NEC (Labour Party National Executive Committee) to dismiss any Labour MP found guilty of this practice. Steve will be present to answer questions from Members.

Steve works very hard for his constituents and I have every confidence in his honesty and integrity."

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