Thursday, 2 April 2009


I read Cllr. Shirley Tomlinson stating her confidence in security arrangements at the Winter gardens in this week’s Your Thanet. She seemed somewhat sensitive to criticism though, and rather anxious in her comments. She has a lot on her mind with a big event coming up.

Margate Mayor Cllr. Brian Sullivan and his wife Karen, who is also a councillor, have discharged their duties in a courteous and dignified fashion through the last year. I see though that Brian is taking no chances with the arrangements for his retiring ball at the Winter Gardens tomorrow night.

First, invited guests have been encouraged to wear military flak jackets and steel helmets (chains of office optional) and other Second World war memorabilia. This is just in case it all kicks off again at his special demob dinner and dance. Security staff will be manning the entrances ready to turn away any undesirable characters attempting to enter the annual charter trustee event. The Thanet councillors who make up the Margate charter trustees have had a stormy year.

Second, Brian is fortunate in having security expert Cllr. Ted Watt-Ruffell as deputy Mayor. Ted has a particular knowledge of local licensed premises through his day job, and knows all about the kind of problems that can arise. A regular user of CCTV he is just the man to address any drunk turning up demanding to be let in, saying "Do you know who I am?"

Third, the director of Thanet Leisure Force stated last week “if we have to employ bouncers that’s what we will do, we will have a zero tolerance with drunken anti social behaviour”.


  1. At least they are prepared this year! Must be the only Mayor's Ball where they need to look at bouncers on the door.

  2. Mark, I enjoyed reading this posting and loved Paragraph 4!

  3. "...ready to turn away any undesirable characters..."

    I can think of a couple, but given the positions that they cling to I doubt that they'll be turned away. Is it too much to hope that press photographers are to be at the event?

  4. I'll be working there tonight, so please behave yourselves ladies & gentlemen! : )

  5. Looks like there will be no party sevens smugggled in tonight.

  6. swearing in public, being rude to lady councillors there can't be many more lows that the leader can sink to surely!
    yobs rule ok - thanet conservatives motto - or the crowd are too weedy 2nd alternative!

  7. So the Deputy Mayor is in hot water again. The last time he resigned as Deputy Mayor, he was Labour. Then they brought in CRB checks and he left and joined the Tories. Now he's causing grief again.

    Thank goodness the Labour Party has got the guts to demand CRB checks of it's councillors. That is why Easykill is still in office. He has the gen on so many of his Tory underlings! They won't sink him in case he spills the beans on them!

  8. this is the second time i have read this page and i noticed a comment missing....what ever happened to FREE SPEECH.....suggest that you put the comment you removed back and post any new one this person has tried to post again.....shame on you for not allowing people to have their say regardless of what it is they are saying

  9. Iris is no lady, she is a politician, therefore fair game for one and all, otherwise are we speaking sexual discrimination

  10. and Gerry, you aren't a gentleman - or a politician.

  11. Anon 12.21 Commenter wanted to swear, I moderated, they asked for it to be withdrawn so I did. I always try to avoid swearing on this blog, the only swearing here is from Cllr. Ezekiel which is reported speech from Private Eye.

    If anybody wants to discuss moderating their comments email me in full confidence (you can always make up a hotmail or yahoo address for confidentiality), or better still use a name.

    You fail to understand that free speech requires you to put your name to your comments.

    When Guido Fawkes amended comments recently he found some sad souls having debates with themselves and others using several different names from the same email address on his blog. I suspect there are a few similar souls in Thanet.

    You can always set up your own blog to shout, swear and abuse at.