Wednesday, 8 April 2009


A Conservative sends me this picture, of Tory star of the moment Dan Hannan MEP not wearing a tie when speaking in the European Parliament. Good on him.

I note an old-style Conservative recently prevented democratic debate by young people in the House of Commons, but moaned about tie wearing.

Sir Alan Haselhurst MP said:

"It is not appropriate to address the House without being properly attired."

All credit to Labour MP Graham Allen who responded:

"I rose to make a point of order today about the Neanderthal MPs in the Parliament who are still obstructing the UK's Youth Parliament who wish to use the Chamber. This typifies the backward, inward-looking nature of many MPs which has led the House of Commons to appear like an irrelevant old boys club."

I find unusual supporters (again) in David Cameron and Laura Sandys who attended the Conservatives top fundraising event of the year with tickets at £300 a head. David wore no tie, shock and I understand Laura had no problem with that.

This is a political matter in that Labour members on Thanet Council all have no problem with whether people wear ties or not. They value opinions ahead of what people look like. Amongst Conservatives it seems a generational problem with older members mostly having raised concerns on tie wearing or not.

So come on Laura Sandys, if you can’t answer questions on serious policy issues perhaps you can have an opinion on this big issue, and bring Thanet Conservatives into the 21st century, and support your Party Leader at the same time.


  1. Personally I'd take the guy in the photo far more seriously if he was dressed properly...

  2. Instead of wasting your time and our time circle-jerking over matters sartorial, why don't you pull your finger out and concentrate on tomorrow nights meeting about the airport. Why aren't you questioning the inclusion of some PR puff from a local paper as 'evidence' for consideration?

    It might be a useful diversion for you in the dying-days of New Labour to amuse yourself with cravatte-talk, but the rest of us in Ramsgate really couldn't give a stuff about how you dress a shirt.

    It probably resonates more as an issue ripe for discussion in Brussels than here in Ramsgate.

  3. Like an usher at the Winter Gardens is taken seriously then?

  4. At least I dress for the part when I'm an usher / doorman, just as I (un)dress for the part when I'm in naturist mode! ; )

  5. A tie is a sign of slavery (look it up) and anyone who puts a noose around their neck without knowing why they are doing it deserves to be treated like a slave. It also ties you into certain thought patterns (look it up) and as most people tie a tie with a Windsor Knot, they are enslaving themselves to The Queen and to this very undemocratic and hideous governemt

  6. Why don't you and Cllr Biggles call a truce over this sartorial slanging match? If helps at all, you could call it a tie! Geddit?!?!??!!!

  7. Nice one ECR, fine by me..........

  8. It's a disgrace why people people can't even attire themselves appropriately. Not just the tie but what about wearing handkerchiefs in top pockets and white shirts, instead of coloured; this disgusting carefree state we call earth. Not just to mention politics in conference but what about news anchors on television. The absence of a tie paints an instant image of a person as being lazy. Even if it uncomfortable, the wearer doesn't wear it for comfort but to make them look neat and tidy, instead of appearing scruffy and a disgrace to mankind. I wear a shirt and tie just for casual, in the house or garden, sometimes under a cardigan, v-neck jumper or sleeveless pullover. I praise everyone who knows how to dress properly and neatly. But for those who appear in open neck shirts and jeans for that reason while in conference, words fail me!