Thursday, 30 April 2009


I am at Thanet Labour Group where Richard Nicholson stood down as Leader of Thanet's Labour Councillors after 10 years of outstanding service. Tributes were paid to him by many of the Labour councillors present.

He is succeeded by Clive Hart (pictured) who defeated Dave Green after a friendly and comradely campaign. Other new officers are Deputy Leader Peter Campbell, Chair Steve Ward, and Chief Whip Alan Poole. The new Shadow Cabinet consists of Peter Campbell, Michelle Fenner, Dave Green, Iris Johnston and John Watkins.

Welcome to Linda Aldred who is the only new addition to the Cabinet team, as Richard Nicholson is taking a well deserved rest to become a backbencher.

Mike Harrison was re-elected Vice Chair of Overview and Scrutiny Panel.

Clive said that he had found contesting the Leadership difficult, and thanked everybody who had voted for him. He wants to take the battle to the local Conservatives to get better standards of conduct in Thanet public life.

Labour Group meetings are private but all present welcomed the use of new technology to report on the meeting. Labour hopes Thanet Council will move forward rapidly to similar use of new technology.


  1. An excellent choice if I may say. I never felt that Nicholson presented a real change from the Coppock era. I know some of the new cabinet members and I would anticipate some significant changes of direction.

  2. Congratulations Clive - you have your ward at heart and improving the lives and environs of those living in thanet - keep up the good work!

  3. I am pleased that Clive Hart has been elected as the new Labour Leader at TDC; you had two good candidates to choose from. Whilst I will not be supporting him in the impending KCC elections, my loyalties lie elsewhwere, I wish him the very best as he steps into the shoes of Cllr Richard Nicholson who has lead the Labour Group wisely through a difficult time in the past 6 years.
    I trust the Conservative Councillors at TDC have noted this change and will ponder hard before their own meeting next week. If not, I suspect that Clive will find himself as Leader of TDC in 2011.

  4. Good for him!

    I see that the Tories have a new problem to deal with now that Cllr Watt-Ruffell, the Mayor elect for Margate, has his skeletons being made public. Again!

    But wait, look on Thanet Strife and Super Sandy ( or is that Godfather ) is riding to his aid.

    Was Watt-Ruffell the drunk at Rokka? NO! Because Super Sandy says so...!

    All Tory Councillors get in line to rent an alibi from Honest Sandy..!

  5. well what a surprize clive hart leader and peter (the cough) campbell) as his yes man does this mean more hot air from the frout benches of labour now they must be realy hard up to pick the people they have done it was not so long ago that the new leader had to much work and came off a lot of committees he said it was work load now he has kcc and tdc perhaps he is worried he might loss his kcc seat that will be a good thing or is it he like the sound of is own voice time will tell this is labour in retreat i think

  6. 01 May 2009 16:28
    you need to go to school and learn English.

  7. 01 May 2009 16:28
    Oh dear, oh dear! How sad to see! This post is clearly a sad and desperate Conservative wind up. I'd guess you are probably a frequent blogger/commentor in an attempted disguise. If you want to make yourself out to be someone with a poor command of the english language, you will need to do better than that as your linguistic style really lets you down. Interesting to see you have mastered some advanced graphemes and the occassional split diagraph but haven't learnt to demarcate your sentences with the basic full stops and capital letters that an infant child is taught! D+ could do better...