Sunday, 5 April 2009


A glorious day in Thanet for my first post from the garden and some good news too. Great news for the traders of St. Peter's, the residents, drivers, delivery men, the Village Tour, churchgoers - the St. Peter's roads are now open. There may be some traffic controls in place while work is carried out in Vicarage Street but I have been told the roads will not be closed again. No firm news on the 56 bus route yet.

The early finish to the road closures is down to the efforts of Dr. Steve Ladyman MP and Kent County Councillor Alan Poole (pictured), a member of the Highways Advisory Board at County Hall. It is a pity the other elected representatives took so little interest in the plight of the small businesses, the elderly residents cut off from their life-line bus route, and the drivers stuck in traffic jams until the last week of the disruption. Had they visited the shopkeepers some weeks ago they would have been made aware of the despair they felt at seeing their takings plummet. I understand at least one Thanet councillor was asked to go to talk to the owners but the invitation was declined.

Hopefully their customers will soon be back patronising these businesses that keep a village alive. A village needs its local shops, cafés, chemist, butcher as without them an area is never the same. In the modern world, once lost they almost never return.


  1. Its a pity Cllr Poole doesnt take as much interest in Ramsgate, where he was elected for, as Broadstairs, where he lives!

  2. We both know that's nonsense, that's why you commented anonymously.

  3. Cllr Alan Poole5 April 2009 at 19:57

    If Residents come to me with a problem I try to do something about it.......most of the Tories appear to be too busy to look after own their Wards. The electorate know who does the work!

    Cllr Alan Poole

  4. Bitching and point scoring ......... IT IS GOOD NEWS celebrate it not make it into a Labour/Conserative issue to many anon people pop up to score points in some imaginairy game . Peoples livelyhoods have been affected and now its GOOD NEWS the road works are over I for one thank all concerned with getting them out of the way

  5. Yes, Don, it really was serious for the traders who were desperate for someone to help them. The roadworks have been put on hold over Easter. The second phase commences soon but with only part of the road closed using some traffic control.

    Hopefully it will soon be business as normal for all the traders there.