Saturday, 18 April 2009


Teresa Murray moves to the front of the conference to take over as Chair from Paul Clark. She outlines the European campaign and especially the need to oppose the BNP to ensure that they do not get a seat under the proportional representation election system.

Labour's European team are well represented with Janet Keene, Janet Sully, Silke Thomson-Pottebohm, Lisa Homan (pictured with Peter Skinner MEP with Rochester Castle in the background) and Bob Fromant. Peter Skinner MEP, Labour's number one candidate talks about his visits to see the football at Gillingham rather than conferences. He goes on to detail his work in Europe, emphasising the better provision of rights for workers such as the Working time directive and how this will improve health and safety in the workplace.

He rejoices in campaigning alongside Socialist colleagues across the different countries of Europe. he emphasises the team of MEPs he works with both from the Labour party and the Socialist group. turning his fire on the Conservatives he thanks Tory poster boy Dan Hannan for drawing attention to the extreme Eurosceptic nature of the Tory party. Hannan wants to leave not just Europe, but also the United Nations and UEFA, so there would be a threat to champions league football. As Labour's sole MEP he wants a stong campaign to see more Labour MEPs in particular the second candidate Janet Sully (pictured).
Michael Britton Labour's candidate for North Thanet talks about the need for better health and safety legislation talking about the work of Robert Evans MEP on carcinogenic inks. He also notes how Herne Bay sea front was refurbished by money from Europe with Labour's support. Medway Cllr. Vince Maple talks about challenging Tories on whether they agree with Hannan on his view that the NHS is a bad thing which has made people "iller".

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