Monday, 20 April 2009


I have just received my annual statement together with the Annual Report from Wantsum Savers: The Isle of Thanet Credit Union

Founded in 2002 I’ve been a member since 2004. Steve Ladyman MP (pictured joining with his wife Janet) mentioned it, and I was enrolled by Barry Coppock. Now Dr. John Pritchard with a team of volunteers continues the work of regular collecting money across Thanet.

The idea is to have local money recirculating in Thanet. Now more than ever with it being hard for people to obtain loans, it forms a valuable role in providing low interest money to members of the credit union. There are social events and free life insurance.

If you are saving the interest rates are not spectacular, but this is a community based idea, and there are not many places to get a high rate of interest at present. I recommend joining.


  1. How much did Labour MP for South Thanet, Stephen Ladyman have to borrow from the Credit Union? Zero.

    I only ask because like most Labour MP's, he seems to have done OK for himself. The house in Pegwell looks stunning.

    £137,559 in expenses in 2007/2008!

    Seriously Mark, don't think this info isn't going to be circulated as widely as Jacquie Smith's come election-time.

    How, as a young aspiring socialist politician, can you back this money-grabbing local has-been?

  2. Westcliff GB. A few myths/slurs from you here I'm sorry to say.
    1. Steve gave up a successful career to become a MP so earns less now (I know that may wind you up but it is true). He would be better off, work less hours, and be held in higher regard by you?
    2. Why don't you go into his office and look at his expenses? Anybody can, you'll see most of the money goes on his staff and office. Do you think MPs should not have staff or a constituency office? It is not expenses but legitimate costs for the vast majority. I suspect an educated man like you knows that, but hey why let the facts get in the way?
    3. Steve is an outstanding MP if you knocked on as many doors as I do you would come across many people he has personally helped. It is one of the delights of campaigning for Steve that this happens so often.
    I predict we will see lots more expenses stories in the next few months and that Steve will not feature.

    Read all about his expenses here...
    then you might want to revise your comment?