Thursday, 9 April 2009


Kent County Councillor and Thanet District Councillor is a member of all the relevant committees: KCC Highways Advisory Board, Thanet Joint Transportation Board, Kent Planning Committee and Thanet Planning Committee. He writes a guest blog to update my post earlier this week:

"I have requested at every opportunity that the Haine Road was ‘stopped-up’ at one end, or failing that traffic calming measures should have been installed prior to the opening of the new section of road. I understand one of the reasons given for not closing one end was for ambulances in case of congestion on New Haine Road.

The reply received was that the ‘Highways Officers would wait until the new road was opened and then take appropriate measures if required’.

I have asked Highways to arrange a meeting with residents as soon as possible. Highways advise that they are already starting to look at speed cushions, and where they should be located. I have also asked Highways to write to residents keeping them informed about proposals.

On a nearby problem I've asked for St Johns Avenue further down the A256 Haine Road towards the Lord of the Manor roundabout to be made ‘left turn out only’ and ‘no right turn in’. I understand ‘no right turn in' has been agreed. Regular users of Haine Road will know this junction onto the Newington estate is often a turning which causes tailbacks.'

Many thanks Alan for all your work on this.


  1. It was so obvious to anyone with at least 1 brain cell that the "New Haine Road" would solve nothing. It is a single carraigeway which is about a mile long. The "Old Haine Road" is a single carraigeway which is about 0.5 miles long (from the Toby to where the new one meets). Which route do you think people are going to take ?

    I have the misfortune of usng these roads twice a day and they are a nightmare. Instead of 1 long queue on the old Haine Road heading towards Broadstairs there are now 2 queues on each road with a "hot spot" where they meet. It has solved nothing.

    Priceless. Now can someone tell me how much of our Council Tax it has cost ?

  2. would there be a county election coming then?

  3. The cost of the 'new Haine Road' is £6.5m...
    Though the new road is longer its main function is to bypass the narrow section of the 'old Haine Road' and more importantly to open up the adjoining land for business and residential use.
    Traffic calming to prevent 'rat running' was identified as a potential problem at the design stage and will belatedly be installed hopefully towards the end of this year.

    Cllr Alan Poole

  4. Anon 21.41 the whole Westwood Cross road system has major flaws.
    Ken - always dangerous to judge other people by your own standards.
    Alan thanks for response.

  5. Typical Tory, Ken Gregory. has to have a snipe at anyone not in his party. Allows some real slagging off to stand on his blog, too.

  6. Not dangerous, mark, just ask 10 downing street!! Standards, at least some folk have a few unlike Gordon Broon!!

  7. Ken. I unreservedly condemn Damien McBride. Would you care to indicate what standards you apply to Cllr. Ezekiel? You have been asked this question several times, and as far as I know you continue to fully support him. I disapprove of both's behaviour, will you continue to be one-eyed on standards in public life?

  8. Haine Road Resident17 May 2009 at 13:05

    Interesting comments on the New Haine Road. You may all have views on having to use the road but spare a thought for those of us who actually live on it. Every weekend, without fail, we not only have a complete gridlock outside our house, but many ignorant drivers are now using our front drives to turn their cars around and double back on themselves to avoid the gridlock at the end of the road.
    I suppose we should be grateful for the traffic jam, at least it deters the speeding cars that all seem to ignore the fact that it is now 30 mph zone. Too many crashes, next one could be fatal. It could be YOU.
    Why doesn't the councillor spend some time asking the residents what will work and put this to the planners. Elections coming up...

  9. Haine road resident thank you for the update, do email me (link on right)or Alan Poole, similar address. Alan has visited residents, perhaps you were out. I am sure if you contact him he will be happy to visit.

  10. Cllr. Alan Poole18 May 2009 at 08:09

    As a Ramsgate County Councillor I have been in frequent contact with Kent Highways about this issue. KHS are certainly aware of the concerns of the Residents. Currently they are investigating physical measures to reduce the speed of traffic. There is likely to be a meeting towards the end of May to consult with residents. I am hopeful that we are working towards a solution.......