Tuesday, 7 April 2009


The New Haine Road by pass has certainly changed things for the "old" Haine Road which marks the boundary of my Northwood ward. From regular queues and crawling traffic, Haine Road now flows most of the time. Too quick though for local residents like Tina Howard pictured here. She has been campaigning with her neighbours to make things safe.

When the road was briefly closed she says it was bliss to be so quiet and safe. Now it is reopened it is becoming a rat run with cars speeding through. Many drivers still think there is the old 40mph speed limit, rather than the new 30mph one and are ignoring it. Local people have parked their cars on the road to help slow things down. This has come at a price with several wing mirrors being clipped, and bumpers shunted. There was even a 4 car pile up! I stood there with Tina and nobody took any notice of the SLOW sign painted on the road.
Residents are pleased with the pavement with its new tarmac. They just wish it was fully extended, as the top photo shows people are still forced to walk on the verge. This makes it impossible for anybody with a baby or toddler in a pram or a buggy to easily and safely access the houses. A total no go zone for anybody in a wheelchair.
What people were promised and would like is a system of chicanes/road narrowing as they have in St. Peters so that cars cannot keep racing through. That is what they petitioned for. In quieter times Tina says cars whizz by at 50mph, making it very difficult for locals who want to brake and turn into their properties to park. there have been several near misses and she is concerned there may be a serious accident.
Steve Ladyman and County Councillor Liz Green have taken up the case. The Police are unable to do speed checks on Haine Road as Kent County Council Highways have not yet registered this part of Haine Road as a 30 mph limit. I am backing Tina and all the other residents to get the traffic quietening measures they need, better signs and pavements, and proper enforcement of the speed limits.
I would welcome comments from other users/residents as to how they find the arrangements on Haine Road.
UPDATE 8.4.09 Cllr Liz Green writes:
"I have discussed this with Kent Highways and, a traffic and speed count will be going ahead later this month although Highways do have concerns that the school Easter holiday may have an impact on any traffic survey. To ensure an accurate reading they are looking at carrying it out when the children have returned to school. The issue is being treated with urgency and contractors are still working on potential measures to resolve the problems.

I have asked that all residents are sent a letter to update them. A consultation meeting will now be held with residents in mid to late May. Both Cllr. Alan Poole and I will be attending so hopefully this issue will be resolved speedily and to everyone's satisfaction.
I have also asked Highways to tackle the congestion on the New Haine Road."


  1. The crazy thing about the New Haine Road is that it meets the old one at a roundabout so there you have two lanes trying to get into one. Then at the Westwood Cross exit/entrance you have another cause of congestion as those leaving the shops/leisure facilities try to squeeze into a single lane.

    Couldn't the planners have seen the potential for problems?

    There was real fun one day when the old road was closed and half of the new one also due to some extra highways work. Apparently the contractors hadn't told Highways they plan to do some work on the new road during a temporary closure of the old one.

  2. I thought they were also going to block off the end of the road from Lidden? That's another rat run, & very dangerous for pedestrian's as there's no pavement!

  3. I am glad to see free flowing traffic for the sake of the farm shop.Roadworks in Thanet are killing small traders along with many other issues (not happy about speeding motorists thou)

  4. There is a meeting this evening at 6.30 pm at the old Lloyds bank building, King Street, Ramsgate. Just found out.. Nice and secret I suppose, as KCC don't want the entire residents of Haine Road turning up. This was confirmed via my email to John Farmer, Major Projects Manager. Do you know anything about this meeting and who will be in attendance?

  5. My mother campaigned about such things way back in the 60's when we lived on the road at safari House. Seems nothing has changed since then!