Friday, 3 April 2009


A retired serviceman sent this message to me:

"The bodies of the soldiers Patrick Azimcar and Michael Quinsey murdered in Northern Ireland were flown home without ceremony. British troops have spoken of their anger following the disclosure that the bodies of the two soldiers murdered by dissident republicans were shipped back to the UK as freight.

We have been told that the soldiers were not allowed to have a ramp service because of political reasons. We were told the Government didn't want anything that would look like the Troubles had restarted. As far as we are concerned these soldiers were shot dead in uniform by terrorists and they should be treated in exactly the same way as if they were killed in Afghanistan. To send their bodies back to the UK as freight is outrageous."

When a person joins any branch of HM Forces they are effectively on duty 24/7/365.

Sign this petition to prevent it happening again.

I have members of the armed forces in my family. The idea that if these two men had been killed a few days later in Afghanistan, rather than in Northern Ireland that they would have been treated differently is a sad error of judgment. It gives respect to the terrorists, not those who served.

Please sign the petition and/or email the details around all your friends please.


  1. Cllr Chris Wells comments:
    "This is a moment of pure shame, reflecting on us all. The men and women who are daily risking their lives deserve our respect and thanks for ther integrity and sacrifice, wherever they lay down their lives on our behalf. Shame on those responsible for this decsision, their advisors and staff - this is an act of cowardice by them all"

  2. I was brought up in the Army and lived in NI during the Troubles. My father and brother have both fought for this country and they both agree that the wider picture must prevail - it was the right decision.

  3. BUT........ What did their families want?