Monday, 6 April 2009


Dividing lines, that’s what politicians look for when campaigning to offer choice to voters. One of the things David Cameron has done very effectively is to reduce the traditional divide between the Labour and Conservative parties on the NHS. Having supported privatisation and diminution of the NHS for most of his life, he now claims to be a big supporter. I believe this to be as sincere as George Bush’s compassionate conservatism. If he is sincere though he can demonstrate his commitment to the NHS by not tolerating those in his party who want to dismantle it.

After all the lauding by the far right of the political spectrum of Daniel Hannan MEP’s speech at the European Parliament, the real Dan Hannan has appeared in the United States. Interviewed, here is what he says:

"We've lived through this mistake; we've lived through this mistake for 60 years now... the reality is it hasn't worked. It's made people iller.
"We spend a lot of money and we get very bad results, you look at survival rates for cancer or for heart disease we are well down on all the leagues. We have very few Doctors.
"We disincentivise people from practising medicine in this country. A lot of our best and brightest Doctors emigrate. A lot of them go to North America because there's no market."

Hang on a minute Dan, why are people living longer than ever?

Here's what The Actuary says in 2008:

“Over the last few years, the issue of longevity risk has gained prominence as mortality rates, and therefore life expectancies, have been improving at an accelerating and faster than anticipated pace.”

So Dan is plain wrong. The video is available here. His view on the NHS are 5 minutes and 20 seconds in.

Dan Hannan is the Number 1 choice for the Conservatives in the South East region. Labour's Number 1 choice is Peter Skinner MEP pictured above about to go campaigning in Ramsgate last weekend with Jenny Matterface, Alan Poole, Steve Ladyman, myself, Liz Green with Dave Green hidden behind her, Rob Griggs, and Gordon Edwards.

Peter is a very effective MEP. His particular interests are Financial and Economic Affairs and the United States. he has worked consistently on these areas and particular combines issues of market regulation which affect both Europe and America. His only job is to be a MEP. Dan Hannan has for many years been a Telegraph journalist writing editorials and columns.

I will be supporting Peter of course, but to Conservatives out there why are you supporting a candidate who thinks the NHS is a mistake?

David Cameron says nothing, his Party controls him, he does not control his Party.

UPDATE Dan Hannan demolished by Sunder Katwala here.
Tom Harris points out the silence of the right on this. Should Simon Moores be added to this list, promoting Hannan one week, looking the other way another week?


  1. Ah Look!! the gang of how many? and look, one has how many expenses from Westminster?

  2. Ken we had teams out elsewhere the same day and some chose to not be photographed, any chance of a photo of Tories all out together campaigning united?
    On expenses Steve's are about the same as Roger Gale's. The difference is you can walk into Steve's full time office and view his expenses whenever you like. Whereas for Roger there is a part time office (how come that costs the same?) and I have seen nothing to say his expenses are available to the public.