Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Has to be cyclist Tom Harris MP, witty, informed and prepared to take his own line. Two stories he has highlighted recently. The Telegraph report that Britain will escape with a shallower recession than rivals, OECD predicts.

and another thing..............

A Tory candidate Deborah Thomas prepared to speak openly about what she believes with candour. In South Thanet we are still waiting to hear what Laura Sandys thinks about most issues, as she steadily cuts and pastes Conservative Central Office bulletins, but continues to avoid answering any difficult questions.

and another thing.....

This sums up my political position too.

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  1. A perfect attitude to adopt at the moment, not!!

    My savings, hard-earned have been protected by this government. Would she have those sums of money sacrificed for a principle? I'm not the only one whose life-savings would have gone without the rescue of Northern Rock. No way i'd have forgiven any government if I'd ended up on benefit due to having lost every penny.