Sunday, 8 March 2009


What about the football? That's what a few friends have asked of my blog so here's real football, not Premiership nonsense, yesterday's game - Folkestone Invicta v Cray Wanderers Ryman League Division 1 South. The Wands as Cray are known are the division form team with 6 wins in a row taking them to the top of the table. They are hoping for promotion to the Premier League and the chance to play Margate and Ramsgate (hope neither get relegated). A full match report can be found here. Folkestone (in amber) have financial problems and have slumped from when they were one of the top teams in East Kent in the Southern League. The ground needed quite a lot of TLC. Cray dominated and won 3-1 which flattered Folkestone. Cray's third goal would have graced a far higher standard and they had a few former Football League players.
A confusing day for me as I was with Mick, Mike and Michael. The Ship Inn in nearby Sandgate by the sea is recommeneded, a regular entry in the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA's) annual guides. An old style pub, with 2 separate bars and the toilets where posher places would have a bar overlooking the Channel.
The photo through the trees is of Folkestone cricket ground, which is next to the football ground. Kent used to play here, stopping a few decades ago. What has been a good standard ground was looking rather run down.
Folkestone is a very friendly club with plenty of enthusiastic volunteers and 2 bars and 2 shops, impressive for this level. Easily reached by train, Folkestone West station is close, this made a very good day out even when it got bitter in the wind at the end of the game.


  1. well mark, i can understand your problem with sport. the real answer is that most of us do not enjoy watching or participating in this legalised torture. Cricket i can cope with as the bar is open all day, but getting wet and muddy ...........euch(unless its to do with farming).Me I will stick with darts and shove halfpenny.

  2. Ken you would have enjoyed staying in the pub.