Monday, 30 March 2009


I am very pleased to see my colleague Dave Green back blogging again. Dave is one of the hardest working councillors in Thanet and has built up a considerable following in Eastcliff Ward. He has helped me with several tips to develop this blog and also in my general work as a councillor.

Dave comments about the cost of Standards Committee cases. I have blogged previously about vexatious abuse of the Standards Board system.

I saw this case recently which was literally a storm in a teacup. Dogmatic Conservative councillors in Tunbridge Wells cost local people over £7,000.

Having seen that the Local Government Standards Board regard comparing someone to Nazi Joseph Goebbels, who played his part in killing 6 million people as acceptable in political life, I will be amazed if Dave has posted something as offensive as that on his blog.


  1. Nice to see such concern about the Standards Board system as you put it.

    I'm as sorry as any to see David Green being constrained in voicing his opinions.

    I've posted several times in support of David the first time about a couple of years ago when he felt unable to comment.

    But here's the problem I have, I've yet to see Cllr Green speak out against this corrupting influence on democracy.

    And this I think is the reason, Labour introduced this rubbish so I take its difficult to speak out.

    You yourself ought in the spirit on this nonsense declare an interest yourself, since it appears that your both a professional politician and member of the Labour party which introduced this legislation, that now ignores the European Convention of Human rights article 10 Freedom of Expression.

    If you search my blog for Standards Boards you'll get an idea of what Labours former deputy Prime Minister did to local democracy which is not dissimilar to what he was up to with a member of staff.

    The systems abused because Labour made it so!

  2. Tony I agreed with most of your blog on Standards. The system does not work well, it is expensive, it was poorly thought out and needs major revision. I think the Labour government got it wrong on this and have argued for some years to reform the process.

  3. Of course the most serious aspect of Prescott's wretched Standards Boards is it effectively stops dead any chance of a single issue party having any influence.

    Image local people gathered enough support to elect a majority of councilors on some enviro-crazy ticket of say stop Manston, presumably none of these councillors would be allowed to vote on anything to do with airport.

    Prescott should have stayed waiting on tables.

  4. No Tony, The health campaign won Wyre Forest (Kidderminster) in 2002
    and still have 9 councillors and a MP on a single issue campaign
    the old system was bad too, the new is a bit better but leaves a lot to be desired. I'm a passionate cyclist yet I still brought in cycling allowances. I wrote before about improvements TDC could make

  5. RockyRaccoon/Mr. Card said
    "Email from Thanet Council - Dear Mr Card Thank you for your email which I acknowledge receipt of. We have corresponded on this subject in the past and I advised you thenthat if you have any evidence of wrongdoing you should place this beforethe appropriate authorities for investigation ie the police or thecourts. My view has not changed. The Council will not be responding tothe points in your email but if you should be successful in placing thematter before the courts as you indicate is your intention then we willof course deal with that eventuality should it transpire. Richard SamuelChief ExecutiveThanet District CouncilCouncil OfficesMargateKentCT9 1XZ

    There you go. No response to FOI applications ? Councillors not supposed to blog their own opinions ? A councillor blogger (Ken) had comments on his blog pertaining to two matters in the Mandamus letter. Not his fault but I availed a right of reply which got Bertie Biggles rather upset.

    Why would a public servant take an executive decision for TDC to be silent which was not put to the elected councillors ?

    Is it the role of the public servant to serve and promote justice or to defend the council from justice until and unless he has to change position.

    We have visited this issue before. The TDC solicitor and Chief Exec are not freebie, public funded, defence lawyers for certain councillors.

    It's oh so quiet (Mr Samuel said schtum) ... "

    Edited to remove personal details.