Saturday, 7 March 2009


My stepson is a postgraduate student at one of Britain’s leading universities. When he calls in the middle of the day it comes as a surprise. Normally, it’s a text, an email or MSN chat that are the preferred forms of contact.

A phone call? In the middle of the day? He’s in trouble or he needs some money, or in a spot of trouble that only money can resolve.

How wrong can I be? He has just had it confirmed by his professors that he's made a scientific discovery which disproves a theory that has been taught for more than 50 years. I can’t say too much because it has to go in a scientific journal and then probably into a mainstream science magazine. This will take a little while. At the moment he’s enjoying the stir he’s caused amongst his professors who have been checking it out and confirming his data.

I know how hard he’s worked, and the sacrifices he’s made. I always said he was talented, but it’s great to have it confirmed in this way.

I’ll write more when I’m allowed, but today he’s made me very proud.

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