Sunday, 22 March 2009


First up is Will Scobie, who may well be Thanet’s youngest political blogger but is undoubtedly the most handsome! A nice story on his latest post. Will blogs about once a month at present, it would be good to see more from him. I hope he might be a Labour candidate in 2011 for Thanet Council and help reduce the average age of all councillors by quite a few years if he was elected.

A good friend of mine Nancy Charley writes What Are We Waiting For:

a look at life - how I live it - what is important to me. Watch out for postings on writing, living with kids, creating, church and more

I like the point, that blogging is about what is important to the blogger.

Nancy’s book Being Church has been highly recommended by a number of friends, I confess to not having read it yet despite having a copy in the house. Available from Nancy's blog.

“Being Church looks at church in the 21st century through a series of 'B' pictures -Body, Birds, Butterflies, Bride and Babies. By poem, story and challenging prose read and be provoked to think in a broader way about possibilities for church and how we live with God.”

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