Thursday, 19 March 2009


A Conservative controlled Council shows the way on webcasting. Just click here to see how easy it is. Council meetings, Planning, Scrutiny all provided. Now they are broadcasting a by-election. Brilliant!

They broadcast all of their Council and Committee meetings live to the Internet. All meeting broadcasts are also recorded and therefore capable of repeated viewing.

Cllr. Stephen Ellis said:

"This new technology is proving very popular with one of our planning meetings securing over 300 hits – far more than would ever attend a planning meeting."

"Staffordshire Moorlands District Council has just won a Beacon award for its pioneering work in connection with ‘digital inclusion’."

Perhaps someone from Thanet could pick up the phone, I'm sure they would be happy to help. They are aiming for excellence, let's have Thanet joining them.


  1. A nearby council - Rother (Bexhill) quotes £12,500 p.a. including cameras from their webcast supplier. (you can find this report on Google).
    For a council that has just spent £30,000 on a standards enquiry, I think spending £12,500 may lead to better standards from some councillors if they think they are on public view.

  2. hits or visitors the church website gets 12,000 hits but only 400 unique visitors

  3. Anon 14.00 thanks for information. To their credit a Thanet Council officer was in touch with me the same day this was posted to follow this up and has kept me in touch since.

    Don - I don't know unclear from their press release.