Monday, 2 March 2009


Mike Harrison (pictured) Chair of Thanet Council's Airport Working Party is also Vice-Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Panel. He will report on work so far. The Agenda for the meeting on Tuesday 10th June at the Council Chamber, Cecil Street, Margate is here. There's a 31 page as part of the committee papers.

There's also a 2 page report on Broadcasting Council Meetings. I note:

"to look at the possibilities of upgrading the broadcasting service of Council meetings to meet the growing demand for a quality service by Thanet residents."

Thank you to everybody who have supported my campaign for this.


  1. mark, this response - if you insisted on public debate, we might all get to find out what a masterplan is for, a exactly what your response means, what a section 106 is - I don't understand where it all sits and I beleive I'm closer to it than most!

    Not advertiseing the meeting friday was disgusting. Not engaging with the public at all in the run up to the December deadline was just shameful. How you can sit in the same party as harrison, who supports this abomination, is beyond most normal people.

    Time to do what you and the others are paid for - get back in the real world and start acting on behalf of the electorate.

  2. What a joke. I saw that none of them declared an interest when debating the airport. Every one of them is a raving airport fanatic who believes there should be unlimited expansion with no controls or limits. Forget balance or representing the interests of local people. They're just puppets for Infratil.

  3. As a matter of record, Mark, I believe the current calls on broadcasting began with my campaign on the China Gateway, whic h you voted for, I believe. Before that with Simon Moores.

    If you hang around with band wagoners, you catch their habits!

  4. SMEG whilst you remain anonymous you have no credibility in most councillors eyes. How can we engage with you when you are a secret organisation? The masons are more open!

    Anon 18.00 I am not a raving airport fanatic if you had followed the votes on the night or read this blog particularly this post

    you would not say that.

    Chris I have pressed for this on Scrutiny prior to China Gateway, and was unaware of Simon's efforts. I think unless I had done my live blog and got coverage in the papers things would not have changed. Actions speak louder than words!

  5. Sorry again, Mark, coverage in the papers was with me prior to China Gateway.

    However its a sterile debate, because, as you say, actions speak louder than words.

    Which as yours were just words as well is a little ironic!

  6. I love it. A member of TDC accusing a member of the public of being some kind of secret organization. That's rich. In my opinion there is a handful of bullies who take all of the decisions at TDC and then instruct their minions which way to vote. Thewre is no meaningful debate about anything because all of the decisions have been made in advance behind closed doors. To cap it all they are desperately trying to close the door on scrutiny of their activities by labelling anyone who protests as a "vexatious questioner." Anyone labelled as such will not be able to get a response from the Council on anything they ask. They will just be ignored, regardless of how valid their question or complaint is. TDC is morally bankrupt and is behaving like some third world dictatorship.