Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I support Tony Flaig's right to criticise Kent TV and Ten Alps the company owned by Bob Geldof that produces the programmes. There are some things that looked like they might be worth a view. I had a look at the most popular list to see what tickles people's fancy.

If you are a mason who fears norovirus but fancies going to Bedgebery Lapland then this is the place to go. Number 3 in the charts is a programme on the history of Freemasonry in Kent. How much was paid to Peter Williams Television (is he a mason?) for this production? I cannot see why my Council Tax should have been spent on this. The programme makes much of Freemasons charitable endeavours.

Curiously it made no reference to the extensive work that masons have undertaken in Local Government. As it trumpets many positive masonic achievements perhaps this was damning with faint praise. I hope the 16,000 Freemasons in Kent paid for this advertorial. Why does this have to be hosted at our cost and not on Youtube for free?

I have always been against masons because it is a male only organisation, and will not let women join. I do not understand why Kent County Council want to spend money promoting an organisation that excludes half the population of Kent.

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