Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Guest Blog from Labour Kent County Cllr. Ray Parker

"What a difference a year makes. A year ago Kent County Council's Conservative administration were pleading poverty and claiming that they were being underfunded by Government; as a consequence they told us that they had to increase council tax way above inflation, A year later Kent's Conservatives tell us that:

1. The £50million lost in the Icelandic Banks fiasco isn't a problem and KCC can afford the loss.

2. There's enough in the coffers to spend another £400,000 on Kent TV (on top of the £1.4million already spent).

3. There is sufficient cash to spend almost £50,000 on image consultants and millions spare to spend on the public relations department.

4. There's plenty of money to give chief officers hundreds of thousands in bonuses and while we are at it, we can afford thousands on luxury hotels.

All of this can be achieved with a council tax increase of 2.44% and it's trumpeted by the Conservatives as the lowest council tax in history. It's no wonder when you realise that the Conservatives have hiked up the average council tax by over £260 per year since 2003. If after June's County Council Elections the Conservatives are returned to power, do you think the council tax increase will be around the 2.44%? Answers on a postcard!"

Ray Parker - County Councillor Northfleet & Gravesend West.

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  1. However there is no money for The Young carers. These children look after disabled parents or siblings with no reward. Now they are being denied any respite. I consider that shameful.