Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Cllr. Audrey Pickering who represented the Thanet Villages Ward, has resigned from Thanet Council due to ill-health. Audrey has been unwell for some time and all from the Council have sent her their best wishes. She had a strong personal vote in Minster for all the work she had carried out over many years. She was first elected as a Labour councillor in 1974. She became an Independent councillor in 1999.

She has been a Minster parish councillor for over 35 years! It is praiseworthy of her to have resigned from the Council because she was unable to give her work as a councillor the time and attention it needed. She could have remained but it shows her character and public service ethos that she has taken this decision.

There will be a by-election in due course. My best wishes to her.


  1. Audrey is a lovely lady who will be missed on the Council - Like her late husband - Harry Pickering she worked tirelessly for her constituents -we all wish her well in her health and hope that she enjoys better health in the future - she is always in our thoughts John Kirby

  2. Audrey is a lovely lady who will be sorely missed - she carried on her Husband's Harry's work irrespective of political persuasion and is an example to all for the future in her dedication to the welfare of the people she represented John and Jill Kirby

  3. I have nothing but praise for Audrey and her work over the years. I think the fact that she has represented the 'Villages' as an Independent so well for so long, shows that perhaps a healthier TDC would result from more Independent Councillors.

  4. Oh the same Harry Pickering who left the labour group because they 'dumped' him???

    Sorry to say Cllr Mrs Pickering had apparantly lost her voice for the last 5 years

  5. Gerry G
    I think when someone is unwell it is regrettable to be so critical. Audrey's health has not been so good recently, so her performance has changed as a consequence. I barely knew her, but I think we should acknowledge public service through 4 decades and salute that. I think her "personal vote" testifies to that.