Friday, 27 March 2009


My letter in today's Isle of Thanet Gazette:

Dear Editor,

Local people may have seen Laura Sandys pledge that the Conservatives will reduce tax for local business at some time in the future. Pledges are fine. She could be taking action to save local people money now and is failing to do so. After Thanet Council’s 2009 budget was set the Government allocated an extra £314,324. This “windfall” came in late and as the Gazette (27/2/09) reported, Martin Wise Cabinet member for Finance has decided to keep the money for future years.

Local residents and businesses need real help now, not later. I wrote to Steve Ladyman MP and he replied that the money should be spent now. I have written to Ms. Sandys on a number of occasions but have not had the courtesy of a response. I am therefore writing to ask her publicly to call on Thanet Council to spend this windfall payment right now when we all need it.

Ms. Sandys in her press release said

“Conservatives would cut small businesses paperwork and their tax bills.”

Yet the local Conservative Council has an unexpected extra £314, 324 and is not cutting local tax bills.

Ms. Sandys is failing people in Thanet by not telling the Conservative run Council that they have made an error. Why write about possible future tax cuts, when Ms. Sandys could be demanding them right now.

Actions speak louder than words.


  1. Seems perfectly sensible for Wise is keep a few quid in the kitty for a rainy day. Oh, I forgot. You come from the party that spent everything we had in the good times and continue to spend what we haven't got in the bad times. Or rather, spending my children and grandchildrens future.

  2. But annonymous 10:16 the point was that Thanet was given the extra money to use to help offset local tax bills and alleviate hardship NOW. The government is trying to help locals but the conservative party does not understand the value of lower council tax bills or business tax to those who are struggling financially to provide for their children or keep their employees in work NOW. The council should not be setting aside this money for a 'rainy day' that's not what it was given for. If Martin Wise and the council is so WISE, it will surely have other money earmarked for a rainy day? This money was given by the government to help the people of Thanet NOW. The majority of conservative minded people are not on the breadline struggling to make ends meet and so they don't understand the real difference this assistance can make now to peoples livelihoods now in todays economic climate.