Monday, 16 March 2009


Thanet Council Leader Sandy Ezekiel was again found guilty of misconduct tonight by Thanet Council Standards Committee tonight. His Deputy Roger Latchford had no further action taken against him, after again publicly apologising for his poor standards of conduct. Their letters of explanation can be found here.

When I saw these letters I posted here about attempts to interfere with the Standards process. Tonight my colleague Clive Hart (the better looking one) has written a letter to all Thanet District and Kent County councillors as follows:
"I received your letter of 26/01/2009 (written on TDC headed paper) regarding yet further appalling behaviour by you, this time at the Edinburgh Woollen shop. As you are very well aware, this was yet another serious standards matter and I therefore waited until local proceedings were completed before replying. For someone who regularly comments in our local newspapers about 'political correctness gone mad I'm afraid your introductory paragraph smacks of hypocrisy. Thanet District Council may have made some progress on standards but absolutely no thanks to you or your persistent angry public outbursts.
As for your opinion that it is not in the public interest to prolong matters, I disagree, the public needs to know just how you behave and I truly believe you should have resigned your position a long time ago.You then continue to give us more of the political correctness you so despise from others with the words 'In retrospect I recognise that my choice of word may have notbeen ideal'.
You also try to sum up your attempt at an 'apology' to the council with yet another astounding blend of hypocrisy and political correctness, using the words 'I am also very clear that as Leader I have responsibility to demonstrate that even where difficulties between members do arise, they can be resolved sensibly'. I agree with you, but that's exactly the point - you fail time and time again to do as you say.
Lastly, but far from least, your final statement simply beggars belief 'I intend to learn from this experience and invite all members of the Council to do likewise'. You truly think we all need to learn from your mistakes!
The only lesson I draw from this further episode is that this District deserves a much better leader than you. Indeed, from your repeated bad behaviour I would say TDC would be hard pushed to find a worse example of leadership.Way back in July 2004 when residents of Surrey Road asked me to attend a meeting with you and them in your office, you slammed a door in my face and I quote the residents own words, printed in a local newspaper "Sandy Ezekiel was so rude and aggressive. It was awful".
At the Mayors Retiring Ball you ruined what had been a perfect evening for my wife and I and many others by shouting disgusting obscenities across a crowded room and behaving threateningly and aggressively towards our elderly Town Mayor and the Town Sergeant.
At last year's council AGM I was trying to explain to fellow members just how volatile your behaviour is when I was forced to stop and sit down by the Chairman. If only he had let me finish and some of your colleagues had listened, we might have avoided this further embarrassment for both the Council and Thanet. As a County member I also have to put up with jibe after jibe about Thanet from your Tory colleagues across Kent simply because of your appalling 'style of leadership' and I for one am absolutely fed up with the place I love being tarnished by your appalling behaviour.
Yes - you have made Thanet a laughing stock across Kent and you should resign immediately!
Cllr. Clive Hart
It is time for Sandy Ezekiel to show some good behaviour for a change and resign. Again Thanet Conservatives remain silent. Only Roger Latchford supports him publicly, no-one else, no-one condemns. One equivocates and shows poor judgment in saying the apology is good enough for them, wrong call as the Standards Committee found tonight.
They are too busy positioning themselves for jobs in case he does resign. Is there a single one of them prepared to say in public what they say in private? Winston Curchill will be turning in his grave at such spinelessness tonight.

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  1. Well said Clive - shame the conservatives won't listen - or are they too scared? you would have thought one outburst and sanctioning for bad behaviour was enough?
    those watching today were just attending a complete whitewash - we thought we deserved better. Come on for the sake of Thanet do the honourable thing - this is not party politics it is allowing acceptable standards of public life.
    in case you get a jibe i am not a labour party member just someone who wishes better for our district